so Ive basically just been laying around in bed all day while i have a really big biologi test i need to study for and still havent done my swedish speach. i watched two movies yesterday, or 3 i dont remember. either way, one of them is "Hacker" that is about the dark web which im really intrested in, andddd the main character looks really good too, so thats a plus .But oh my god i cant explin the stress im going trough right now like i really dont have time to be watching movies but im still going to do it this whole day lmao.

but so i was going through my statics and i realized that the post with the most readers is the one about how much money i make of my instagram, so since you guys like to find out about how much money i make, I thought i would show you how much i make on my blog.

(sorry i had to take it with my phone) so here you can basically see how much i make even thought the money is in SEK (swedish kronor). 27.40kr is exactly 3.44 US dollars which is deadass nothing lol. I dont really make any money even though i could since idrc but also since im not in any need. it would be nice with some money though but that would have too be in summer, im stressing too much in school to be able to put up a business all by myself rn. also as you see it says click tags, idk what those are but im clearly not having them rn lmao. if someone does know what they are pls comment or dm me on insta lol, that would be nice.

since were already talking about my blog, why not show you some other statics? this is from what country my readers are from, these statics are from yesterday (to the left) and to the right is from this whole month!!

"Besökare per land" menas "visitors per country" so a massive shout out to everyone from USA, Slovakia, Indonesia, Sweden, Netherlands, UK, Canada, Germany etc. ive also seen France, Irland, Saudi and Norway i think on these stats so thank you guys too!!! Iknow that there are soo many people from other countries too so of course thank you guys too!! i love you guys so much i would actually had become depressed if i didnt have you for helping and just interacting with me.

so the rest of the plans for today is probably to watch the step up series AGAin and make someone go buy me chocolate and chilli chese.. i need to study but whatever i think i will later. Also my dad just ordered a trip to somewhere without me which makes this so much harder. i cant stay in the same place for too long im really about to loose my mind but taking baths makes it better, so could someone PLEASE dm me and recomend some good lush bath bombs, ive used most of them but dm me and let me know. thanks for reading!! ill see you in next post, byee.

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I just thought I'll do a quick blog post. I have been posting like everyday & honestly it's bc I love to do it sooo much!! Idk why it's so fun lmao but I really enjoy writing. So today is Valentine's Day and for some reason everyone is posting them getting flowers and shit?? Bitch i know damn well they bought themselves those lmao. Either way I almost didn't even notice it was Valentine's Day until my school had a little concert which was kind of chill, we have some really good singers and they had cute small lgbtq+ flags behind them. We did also listen to two girls talk about me too campaign and explaining what sexual assault is bc some girl and boys don't know when they are being assaulted or when they are assaulting someone. Either way when I got home I took of my clothes and found a small paper on the floor, I was going to leave it but for some reason I was like lemmi see (it's the 4th pic up there, click on the picture to see what they wrote) By first sight I was like "bitch did I just get a love letter?????" But no, my childish ass friends thought it would be fun to put some in my hoodie lol, I deadass thought I had a secret admirer this actually broke my cold heart a lil lolll but I texted them about it and they said that they put in like 5 but I only found one?? I really wanted to see what else they wrote oh well. BUT IM SOOO HAPPY CAUSE MY VANS JUST ARRIVED!!! I got the text this morning so when my dad wakes up (it's 17:45 rn but he works night shifts) I'll take the car to take it out and get myself some chocolate then watch another champions league game tonight. Right and i also just got 83/161 on my French test, honestly idk what I did wrong personally I thought I would at least get 120 like I swear I'm actually good at french!! I'll post a pic of my vans down here 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 thanks for reading!! I hope you had a great Valentine's Day and I'll see you tomorrow.

Opp ok so the lightning in my home is not the best so I can't really come thru with them good pics but here are some from my snap. The vans were CUTE but a lil too yellow, I feel catfished, they ain't look like that when I ordered them 💀💀 oh well, see yall in next post



so guys another life update but i thought i would bring you with me a whole week instead (opp just one day), or until i decied to post this. today is tuesday 13/2-18. im home from school today since i only have 2 lectures, one of them is dance which is 8 am in the morning so ive litterally missed 3 out of 4 dance lectures this semester and i literally last lecture found out that i get GRADED in dance like what. the second lecture is swedish where i have to make a speach but i havent even prepared it yet. so im not even going to bother going. either way so todays plan is just to go to the gym, buy a plant to my friend (she wanted it as a birthday present lol her room is basically a jungle its soo nice) and then eat dinner somewhere.

so i have been sooo addicted to chocolate latley ive literally eating 100-200 grams of chocolate a day since last wensday. but i havent gained any weight and honestly idk why. overall i fucking hate my class with the bottom of my heart. honestly if i got to throw out every single person out of my class (including my friends) and just throw in new ones that doesnt know each other, i would do it 100 times over. i like maybe 3 persons in my class and honestly thats it. ill update more tomorrow.

okaY 9 hours later, still the same day! so all of sudden my friends decide that they dont wanna hang out today so i didnt do anything out of that list, also my friends have been going on every single nerve in my body like fr I have gotten so aggressiv with them latley and idk why. about the chocolate i just went to a suprmarket and bought myself some good amount. I just ate 125 grams of chocolate and honestly i used to have the worsttt metabolism (metabolism is the thing i guess that breaks down your food, those who eat a lot of unhealthy food but still doesnt gain any weight and maintaine their bodies have a good fast metabolism) but from walking, taking the stairs, drinking a lot of water and working out i think i have made it speed up. i know that i sound like the biggest hypocrite rn since i said that you need to have a balance but i litterally wake up everyday and my body still looks good and is in the same shape. i only work out 3 times a week on a normal winter week and everytime i workout i do 60-120 minutes. on the summer i will work out a lot more since i have more energi and ill be able to run outside but honestly i guess thats all it takes. About my teacher having a crush on me, FUCK THAT omg i literally think he hates me idk what ive done like he really does not like me and im sooo worried about my grades now. whatever thats that for now! thanks for reading love, see you in next post. ALSO IM SO EXCITED FOR CHAMPIONS LEAGUE TONIGHT 



girl on the pic 👆🏼 @elisha_h

Oh and finally I'm doing the really requested blog post! But I just wanted to remind you to read until the end if you're a beginner because that's where I'll give you the tips on how to get it easier to start.

Warm up:

I always do 10 minutes on the cross trainer which burns about 120 calories but if you don't go to the gym or have a cross trainer at home then you can do 100 jumping jacks or go for a 10- 15 minute run 🏃

Abs, legs and butt:

whatever I do I alwayssss do different reps, and whenever I can add weight I do it too. If you go to the gym you know that there's machines to EVERYTHING but I don't like to use them bc I switch up so quick. Here are some excersices I do, I do every one for 45 - 50 seconds & chill for 10-15 seconds depending on how dead I am LMaoo but here are some I do:


1. Dumbbell split jump

2. Wall sit

3. Curtsy lounge

4. Jumping jacks

5. Hip raise/ butt lift

6. Leg lifts

7. Jump squats

Do 3-5 reps of these depending on how much leg you want to work out that day, if you don't know how to do these then just copy this & google them & you should find a tutorial 👍🏼

Abs/ stomach:

1. Plank

2. Russian twists

3. Sit ups

4. Standing side bend

5. Dead bug

6. Side plank

7. Fluter kicks

Same with the legs, do 3-5 reps


1. Side lounge

2. Sumo squats

3. Bulgarian split squats

4. Single leg bridge

5. Jumping squats

6. Romanian deadlifts

7. Weighted donkey kicks

Again do 3-5 reps, you can mix all abs, butt and legs exercises since they are all connected. I do still work out my arms & back and all that but It's not in my routine since I also go to work out classes. You guys know like yoga classes but instead it's one trainer tell you what to do & showing how to do it. Those classes often last 30-60 minutes and they Will KILL YOU!!!

Either way remember to eat something that will boost your energy before the gym and eat a lot of protein after your gym pass. if you are a beginner I highly recommend you start walking to places that you want to get to even if you can take the buss. If you live 15 minutes away from the destination you're going to then you can just walk there, it keeps you in shape and also, ALWAYS take the stairs, ALWAYS, idc how much you have to walk up, the more stairs the better, and when you're done working out, don't ever forget to stretch omggg don't or you won't be a lecturer to work out for the next 2 days lmao. Oh well, I hope you guys liked this post, see you in the next one, salut 👋🏼



What I bought, how much it cost, how long it took to arrive and how the quality was on everything I ordered

Liquid highlight n.3
Price with shipping: about 2,5$
Rate: 4/10, not that glowing and fades out really fast but I don't even use highlighter anymore so it doesn't bother me.
Time to arrive: 1 month
Quality: bad unless you use a LOT

2. Fake nails & nail glue
Price with shipping:
7/10, works really good but too long & hard to use
Time to arrive:
about over a month
Quality: really good

3. These pore pickers
Price with shipping:
about 2$
Time to arrive:
they never arrived lol & I love to pick my pores nd shit so I got so mad
Quality: idk lmao

4. Fake glasses
Price with shipping:
2,3$ maybe
really cute even tho I've never used them, 8/10
Time to arrive:
less than a month
Quality: good

5. Phone case (red)
Price with shipping: 2$
7/10, its soooo cute
Time to arrive:
one and a half month

Okay some more

6. Eyebrow pencil
Price with shipping: 1,7$
9/10 I loved it
Time to arrive:
less than a month
really good If you use a lighter to soften it a bit

7. Make up brushes
Price with shipping: 2$
Time to arrive:
a little more than a month
good if you like soft brushes

Overall I think wish is good if you buy stuff where quality doesn't matter. When I've rated the quality I go after the price for it, obviously if you compare this to something you buy in the store it's going to be different. Also don't buy stuff you know you're not going to use hahha, I did that and you can see how bad it went. But I did actually order from wish again bc these are stuff I actually want, the quality does really matter but I just want to try these out. Also I don't buy clothes from wish bc I know that I'm not going to wear them, so make sure you aren't spending money on the wrong things. I recommend wish if you're on a budget but still want makeup, brushes or similar things where you can make it work. Thanks for reading!! These are the things I ordered today 👇🏼see you in next post



1. Face reveal
What you all have been waiting for. Obviously I'm going to do it this year, there's no way I'm going to stretch it out BUT I don't know when I'm going to do it, bc I know that if I do it now, when I gain 10k more they will want to see how I look too, also I don't know what pic to post LMaoo..

2. Hitting 100k on Instagram
I know I'm going to hit it at some point but I'm really posting a lot and i really just want to make it this year. Im currently at 21,9k

3. Skydiving
I've wanted to do this for idk how long but as fast as the season starts I'll be the first one jumping Idc. It's so fucking scary but like imagine how crazy like?? I've already decided this so I won't be backing out.

4. Dubai
last time I was in Dubai was December 2016 and I REALLY MISS IT!!! There was so much I didn't try like the indoor skiing or going to the dessert which I have to do

5. Looking the way I want
It's a process but I've been going to the gym at least 3 times a week and I neeeeed better skin. A lot of you guys have requested a skin care routine but to share mine would be so mean lmao it's so bad!!! We're getting there tho 💪🏼🗣 (girl in the first pic👇🏼 is Maddy crum)

6. Spend a couple of nights in a bungalow
I've already decided where it is and the bungalow I'll be staying in. It's in Agadir, Marocco (where I go every year) and this is how it looks. This is the last one for now bc it's getting too long but thank you sm for reading!! See you in next post



​its been a looong ass time since the last time i did a life update on my ig story but i thought for the ones that are new, im in sophmore year (10th grade) and in sweden thats when you start high school so last semester i had to transfer schools and that might be good to know since most of my life involves school.

either way, about my teacher, i cant even, i dont know how to put this in words but do yall remember when i was deadass crying on my story about how i REALLY want my C on math bc i havent had anything lower in years, well i got it and honestly like i dont thnk i deserve it, like i was really on an edge. its not about that tho, like ok let me explain this for yall bc i dont know how to do it unless you live in sweden.

math 1a = 8-9th grade math

math 1b = little harder math

math 1c = hardest math line

i go math 1c and like imagine this, everyday you have a 70 mins cmath class, everyday you go throught something new & do the tasks (you cant do that in 70 mins, you need to go home and work) and not only that but all the other courses you take.. i just couldnt do it and i got like an E on every test, i got D on finals and ive only got one B on the math tests but i convinced him that i had a bad day (everytime we had a test lol) and hes like i know ive seen you work in class i know you are better. and that was that but now we have started the second math course (math 2c) and ive been catching A´s yall! the thing is now i actually study for my test and all that i didnt do last time but hes giving me those vibes and he talks to me in a diffrent way and im litterally like i ask my classmates for help bc i dont know what to do if he starts lowkey flirting. and i know what yall are thinking but this isnt no porn film,ive had my fair share of hot teacher but this is hella not one of them. hes like 47 and HAS A KID AND WIFE!!! also hes defenetly not my type dont even try it lmaoo. hopefully im over exaterating but if he actually crushin imma update.

either way just came home from the gym, i did light cardio for 60 mins and burned around 520 calories and the first thing my mom tells me when i come home is that she has bought me chocolate while im hungry as shit. i havent eatin it yet but i really want it lmao, either way theres this rlyy hot guy at the gym like yeah theres a lot of hot guys there but this one just looks HELLA good for no reason like???? and bruh i look like a fucking i dont even know wha at the gym, like i dont go there too look good ya know. i think hes latino, he looks like it but yaaaallll... i have a lot more i want to update on but ill keep that to another time, probably next week bc its getting too long BUT i just wanted to thank everyone whos reading!! i have gotten so many readers so i just wanted to take this time to tell you that if you ever want or need to talk to someone, my dms are alwayyyss open. start the text with a heart emoji and ill open it as fast i see it!



Advice on how to lose weight, start working out / eating healthy and how to get motivated.

First of, your body already looks good! But as everything else we want it to look a certain way & that's ok but it takes hard work. Now let's start & read to the end where's the best & easiest advice

How to start eating healthy:
Have a balance. A lot of people go from eating chocolate, pizza, cake & all that to the next day going all in and just eating fruits & salads. If you have done this, you know that after a couple of days/ week you gave up and went back to eating pizza & candy everyday and that's bc it's the wrong way to do it. You need to have a balance. There's two types of people
Cheat day Or cheat meal

Cheat day is one day of the week where you eat anything you want, cheat meal is when you have one meal a day or every other day where you eat something unhealthy. Cheat meals are the ones I recommend, I eat an unhealthy meal everyday but it's often a small snack

If you want to loose weight:
You can still eat unhealthy, BUT now we need to talk calories. A woman eats about 2000 calories a day & a man 2500 (approximately) . Now you shouldn't COUNT all calories you eat, but you should know about how much calories there's. I'll give you an example.

If you eat 100 gram raspberries, thats 50 calories

If you eat 100 gram m'ms, thats 500 calories.

If you run on 10 minutes, you burn about 100 calories

That means that if you just eat ONE m'ms, you know one little small one. You would have to run around a football field twice to burn the calories you just ate.

How to get motivated:

It's different for everyone, but my tips is that you have a motive. Why do you want to start working out? Is it to loose weight, become better at a sport, get stronger, get faster, get more muscles, is it to prove to someone that you can do it, is it bc you want to be better at sports than someone? Whatever it is hold on to it. For me, to keep getting motivated, I look at work out quotes, it sounds cliche but it really works. Here is one" keep on going where others would stop" either way, look at this last pic I've made, down here. do what it says everyday!! It will make everything so much easier. At least try it for four days



I can't count how many times I've got asked how much I make of my exposing account, since it has so many followers. Well I'm here to tell you. Your girl makes 0$ of off that account. You can only make money from doing shoutouts & y'all already know I'm not doing that rn. Well since we talking money let's keep talking. I'm only 16 & you can't get a job unless you're 16 but that would have to be at McDonald's or something & that's what we not finna do. I might work this summer if I find a job somewhere good but rn I'm just getting 120$ from going to school (it's a rule in Sweden that if you attend high school you get 120$ a month) and 130$ from my parents a month. That's rigt, your girl broke. Or nah honestly I've got money, but I have an EXTREMELY expensive taste. Either way, I have my exposing account for entertaining purposes & bc it's so fun for me to just interact with a lot of people and that's the tea




1) Im 16 at the moment, born december 28th 2001

2) I live in Stockholm, Sweden

3) my parents are from Irak & Syria

4) Im currently in sophmore year & picked to study the "Nature" line

5) my fav color is red

6) I used to be famous in sweden bc of an app called videofyme that kids used (basically youtube), I was 10 years old lmao

7) I´ve had a Brennen taylor fan account (he followed)

8) i used to have a Harvey (lorens friend) fan account (he also followed) a long time ago

9) I hate tomatoes

10) ive never actually been in a sports team but i dance as an extra course in school and go to the gym

11) Idk if i can call myself a photographer but Im really intressted in it

12) I love frozen raspberrys

13) i live for nuddles

14) im honestly a lil depressed at the moment, my friends are loud asf in school & im not having it

15) I dont wear blue jeans, i only wear black or white jeans (high waisted only)

16) i get dark spots after having pimples lol

17) i go to an athlethic insiting school

18) i love to watch soccer games

19) I was vegiterian for 5 months last year

20) fav insta model is Maddy Crum or Nisrina Sbia

21) I´m oftenly mistaken for being marrocan

22) english is my 3rd langleuge

23) I`m a girl

24) i love liqurish

25) i only drink water or energi drinks

26) im currently learning french in school