While whale watching is one of the most incredible experiences of one’s life, it can easily turn into an unpleasant trip if one fails to take proper precautions. You do not get to see whales unless you travel for 10-20 miles off the coast which might result into motion sickness, dehydration, or chilliness for first time travellers. Thus, it is better to be safe than sorry. There are several other points that need to be kept in mind as the ocean might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Here are a few suggestions that may help ensuring a safe and healthy experience:

1. The first thing that you need to take precautions for is motion sickness. If you are hiring a fishing charter near Exmouth or any other place, talk to your doctor or local pharmacy who will prescribe medication that will suit you best according to Australian climate. Please note that your whale watching experience in Exmouth is only a few hundred metres from the shore and can be viewed in relatively calm waters. Most of these medications need to be taken 3-4 hours prior you start for the trip. If you take a pill while you are on waters, it is too late.

2. Another helpful element is a good breakfast. Most people who go for the trip for the first time are scared they might get sick and skip breakfast. The fact is, if you eat well the chances of getting sick reduce considerably. Make sure to include good carbs in your morning meal and avoid fried or fatty food. You can also carry some snacks on the way which will reduce the acid build up in your stomach. Ginger based foods are ideal for reducing queasiness.

3. Next, take care of dehydration with proper intake of water, ginger ale, or sports drink. Try to minimize intake of highly sugared drinks. Most companies that offer charters for whale watching or boats for deep sea fishing in Exmouth allow clients to carry their own drinks and snacks on board.

4. And most important of all, take sun block with you. Water reflects as well as magnifies the sun rays multifold as compared to earth. You may get severely sun burned on a 4-5 hours trip, keep your sunglasses with the sunblock to save your eyes from water glare.

5. In case, you start feeling queasy on the boat stay outside, fresh air can really help. Take some deep breathes or move to the lowest deck, the closer you are to water the less motion is felt. You can keep munching on snacks or keep sipping ginger ale. Also, keep an eye on horizon, it helps feeling better when you watch something that isn’t moving.

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