Summer vacations are finally here, a fact I suppose many of you already know. So long I've had my days filled with joy since I've spent a lot of time with my dearest friends. For example we've been to Gothenburg and Liseberg, a popular theme park here in Sweden. Also we had a different kind of sleepover a couple of days ago. We had a sleepover themed Divergent and we dressed up to look like different factions, as well as we drank serums (colored drinks) and divided snacks in a faction-less style. Then we were to watch Allegiant. We were all dissappointed, but that didn't ruin the sleepover, we had a great time! (what did you think of the movie, please tell me below).

As you may understand according to the title, I'm going abroad! This time it's Austria I'm heading to, mostly to gain time with my mum and some friends, but also to visit beautiful cities and destinations such as the Alps. I'll come back with my phone loaded with pictures, so no worries: there will be plenty of pictures for me to show you.

Se y'all in a week! Lots of love, 

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