Here is what I have been up to lately...

So, traveling is the one thing that I absolutely love. There is something exciting about exploring a new state, city, or wherever! This weekend, i'm currently in New York. Since i'm always in NY visiting my family, it's always nice to see my uncles, aunts, & cousins. I think I love getting away because I love an entirely new atmosphere!

Let me tell you one thing... Where my family lives in NY (Dobbs Ferry) their house in right on the Huston River! It is always so beautiful watching the sun go down at night and rise early in the morning. If I could take this view home with me I totally would! It is so peaceful, relaxing, and all your worries go away.

New York is the favorite place to visit but don't want to live here. Only because 1. I'm not a city girl & 2. It's overwhelming especially if you live in the city(which is amazing to explore such a beautiful chaotic city). But if I had a lot of money I would probably consider it. For now, you can take me to an island and I would be loving life.

I think it's always more adventurous visiting a place you haven't been to in a couple months!

If you have been to NEW YORK, tell me your favorite place to visit and why!

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Since I haven't blogged in a while I just thought I would give a little update. So, lately life has been completely insane, in finding a second part time job to trying to enroll into beauty school in the next couple months! Which i'm so excited about because I just love beauty and helping people feel beautiful.

With that being said, today is my birthday! I feel like the older you get the less you are excited. In that case, I always tell people "its my birthday! don't forget it" hahaha yes, i'm that person who tells the entire world. I'm finally 24 yrs. old. CRAZY! even though, I don't feel like it's my birthday or my age. I've been pretty blessed & grateful with such amazing friends/family. I just had a low key dinner out with a bunch of awesome people!

So, with a broken phone it was kind of hard to take any pictures of myself. here are some of my dinner!

Missing a few people but it was a good birthday!



A little update on my life..

Lately I know i've been MIA and not keeping up with this blog. Life has been a little insane and been trying to keep up! so, i'm sorry!

Heres the latest news in my life. I did some serious thinking about my future and figuring out where I want to end up. After some research and others opinion, I decided to become an Esthetician. Yes, I will always been in the Real Estate industry because thats my passion. Beauty has been something I always love and never wanted to give up. Sometimes, you need a second option to fall back on when things get tight. I'm honestly excited to pursue my dream and making a difference in others life.

With all that being said, I finally chopped and colored my hair which was long over due & I absolutely love it. I promise I will keep updating this blog!

Sammy. XO

before & After



Traveling the world solo is something someone should experience at least once in their life. It is a great way to look at life in a different perspective and figure out your true self. I understand that traveling alone seems like a scary experience but if you consider your safety and your whereabouts than you will be fine. I also understand that there is a lot to think/do before you venture out into the real world. To make you less stress, here are some tips to make you excited.

1. Pack Light. When you’re traveling solo that means you’ll be relying on yourself to carry your own luggage as you will traveling place to place, so make sure you have a bag that is easy for you to carry. Make sure you bring the right essentials, and leave room for gifts for your friends and family.

2. Check to see if you have everything. If you are about to hit the road, double check if you have your wallet, ID, keys, phone.

3. Enjoy yourself. Being alone might seem scary at first but if you’re around others than enjoy yourself! You will gain the confidences you never knew you had before and trust your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable then remove yourself!

4. Distant yourself from Social Networks. As everyone has a habit of checking social media 24/7 and texting everyone about your adventures, don’t tempt yourself! You will see how many opportunities and new experiences if you connect with the real world.

5. Keep it easy. While you might feel overwhelmed traveling alone, just remember to take time to catch your breath and enjoy your surroundings. Find a quiet spot to collect your thoughts, drink coffee with a beautiful view. Think about how blessed you are while traveling.

6. Tell someone where you’re going next. Although your phone won’t be glued to your hand, remember to tell someone your next plan before you leave. So they knows your whereabouts if anything goes wrong. The best advice is. Make some new friends around you and maybe they could join you on your adventure!



Having your own space either its a glam room, office, or a sunroom is just your place where you get away. Once you figure out what room you want then decorating kicks in. There is something about decorating that is fun! It took me awhile to make it perfect and it's my favorite place to get away from everything and have ME time.

The one thing I love about my room is my chair. An accent chair will make the room, I've been eyeing this chair forever and I gave in and bought it. I knew it would go perfect in my room! I'm so happy that my "glam room" turned out the way I expected!




Today was the perfect rainy day for a mini facial day. For some reason, i'm overly obsessed with face mask. I just find them relaxing and I love keeping my skin healthy!

Face Mask// Love & Beauty by Forever 21



I can't believe 2017 is actually here! I'm so excited to start the new year with lots of positivity.

In 2016 I had all these goals that I wanted to accomplished and I only accomplished a few. So, this year I decided it's going to be filled with different opperunities in my life & career. All I want is to make a difference in my life and in others, and I have a good feeling it's going to be an awesome year! With that being said, Never stop believing in yourself!



As 2017 is almost arriving, I’m not a huge fan of New Years’ Resolutions. It’s like that saying, “New Year, New You” and I honestly can’t stand it because many people all these crazy resolutions and they fade quickly and never last. You know, I’am a major believer in setting goals. Having goals seems more realistic because you know what your big goals are and if you actually take the time to plan out your main goals than the more you’ll accomplish in life.

Heres FOUR ways to set goals:

1. Set many goals. Having multiple goals is always a good thing. If you have just one goal than that will cause you stress because you put all your time and energy into one thing. Having more than one goal will give you more to focus on and be accomplished.

2. Ink it. Writing down your goals will get you motivated to chase your goals and will clarify for what you really want in life. By writing them down, you’ll be more successful than those who decided not to write it down.

3. Stay Realistic. Setting yourself up for success. Make sure those goals are something you can accomplish and nothing that is absolutely ridiculous.

4. Don’t be so serious. These goals are pretty important to you. So, just go with the flow and whatever happens, happens!

Have a safe 2017 & Let all your dreams come true!



Having a cute pair of rain boots is always a MUST.

Even though, I truly get tired of rainy days once in a while, I was so happy to break in my new Hunter boots! I can get use to those rainy days.



Christmas this year, my family and I have been extremely blessed.

Every year, I realized that the older I get the more I miss being a little girl on Christmas morning. Don't get me wrong, I feel like we are still kids at hearts every Christmas morning. Anyway, I'm blessed to have an amazing family. Even though my parents aren't together, they still managed to make every holiday perfect.

I've been blessed with getting the gifts I asked for and appreciate the thought. On top of that, my neighbor who became like family to us gave us some presents. Which was really, really sweet of them to do! I couldn't asked for a better Christmas.

I hope everyone had the best day with their families and friends!

Oh yeah, my wish list blog post. I finally got my Hunter Boots and Tartiest Pro eyeshadow Palette! YAY.

What did you guys get under your tree this year?

Have a happy & safe holiday!

I'm obsessed with my new furry vest & shoes I got!

Vest. Knox Rose (Target) // Shoes. Restricted