Hello there, and welcome to this blog!
My name is Johanna by you can call me Moppsi and I am the other half of this blog. I am a 21 years old Swedish girl, and I am pretty short. no, I'm not that short, but whenever I meet new people they tend to say that '' You're shorter than I imagined! And look at your hands, so cute! '' or something like that. Believe it or not, there are cons to being short. So how short am I exactly? Around 157 cm, now go an turn that into the American way of measuring height, ha! I know, I'm pointing it out myself right now that I am short. I enjoy being short in some ways but it is a struggle when you can't reach an item in the store.

Jokes asides, I am here to introduce myself and I am very bad at doing so. It feels awkward and I have no idea what to write about myself. Do I like chocolate? Yes, I do. Do I like watching movies? Yes, ma'am/sir. Do I enjoy laying in bed while it's chaos and snow outside, knowing that people are probably upset with the snow? Oh yes, I do, because that could easily be me and I'm happy it's not. In Swedish, we call it Skadeglädje, and English the equivalent word would be malice.

I guess I can start off by letting you know what I would normally write about! I tend to write more about personal experiences, so yes my post will get on a more personal level. I'm not afraid to bring up subjects as depression, periods, or just personal things in general. I'm someone who wants to aware people of mental illnesses, as I've suffered from depression and it is still something that I have to deal with today. Nevertheless, if you feel like my posts are typically too depressing or triggering, just let us know and I'll tone it down a little bit. It won't stop me from writing about it but I can most definitely change my way of writing things. I'm not your typical girl though, as I won't write about inspiring outfits to wear for a specific occasion. Honestly, I find those post boring and I'm not at all interested in fashion at all. I do, however, watch a lot of series and I enjoy reading books. Most definitely I will write some reviews on whatever I just read/watched. Sometimes I feel myself having too much of strong opinions though. I know that it's sometimes good to separate opinions from the critics, but honestly, I'm not that good at it.

On another note; I've been writing on different personal blogs since 2008, and I've kept making new blogs throughout the recent years. Most of the older blogs that I've been writing on are in Swedish. What really inspired me to write a blog in first place, was watching Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City write for her column. She made it look like the easiest thing and it is a way for her to express herself + her friends' different adventures. I've heard people tell me that I should become a writer of some sort, that I have a specialty in writing. I don't believe them of course and I feel like I'm just an average write to the extent. There's nothing special about my way of writing, really. I do enjoy writing though. To express my thoughts in the best way I possibly can and to start some discussion. To share my life or a topic that is important to me. To give the reader something else to read, and not some scientific article on how to be a better person. No, I want the reader to feel who the person is behind the text. Just as I prefer to take my pictures in black and white as they express more emotions to me. I love writing and I believe that it can be wonderful for some people to express themselves.

Other than that, I don't know what more to tell you. If you have any questions, let me know and I'll answer them as fast as possible. Be aware though, I can write in a childish way and a little bit informal. I tend to do that whenever I write a blog since I want people to feel relaxed as they read my post and not having to feel like they are reading a scientific report. I hope you enjoy this blog and that you find the content interesting!

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