It's still a bit more than four months until I'm turning 30, but since I am having so many guests coming from abroad (half of them actually, which says something about my world wide spread friends and family) I had to be early with the preparations and invitations. And it's good, because it's so much to plan still, like putting together a playlist for the mingling part plus dancing parts, deciding how my hair should be done, picking jewelry and colours of makeup, deciding the flavours of my birthday cakes... And trying to learn some waltz steps with my Lieblingsmensch, do that we don't get totally embarassed when everyone is dancing the opening dance. If I ever get married, I already had a rehearsal when it comes to organising a formal party!

The venue of the reception is set (it's going to be a beautiful princess style hall designed to elegance with high ceilings, chandeliers and big mirrows and windows, giving place for a ball à la Cinderella and Beauty and the Beast).

The dress is ordered and manifactured right now! I will get the final pictures of it in mid May (super excited about it!) before they send it. 

I have found the perfect hairdresser, who truly understands my princess style and my somewhat troublesome hair. And it's actually a man! I always had a somewhat conservative, twisted idea that female hairdressers could better meet my ideas. But after two failed visits (at female hair dressers) I finally found the right one (man) for the task.

The whole idea of having a princess style birthday party started with the dress. Like many of us, I dream myself away at Pinterest, the world catalogue of ideas. I spy on everything from beautiful dresses to hair dues, healthy meals and workouts. It is very inspirational! And one day the dress was there and I just knew it my MY dress. But when would I wear such a creation without looking out of this world? The answer was very quickly: On my 30th birthday. Which of course meant that I couldn*t just have any venue, but a princess venue, with everything that comes with it :-)

And yes, the whole celebration is going to cost much more than I could imagine when starting planning it, but it will be worth every cent. I will have my family gathered, which doesn't happen so often, plus the friends who means the most to me. It will be a magical evening!

I am still looking for a possible photographer. Should any of you have a good Brussels based one in mind, please let me know!

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