Kalejdoskop - a book to read!

Normally I don't have the time and energy to read books during the semesters. It's too much to read at work, so when I get home I either just want to read a magazine like the Economist, Time or something totally non-political like Lonely Planet Traveller, Food to Love, Elle or Women's Health (I am reading it with some moral doubts though, because it has inspiring articles about health, sports and wellness, but I don't understand why the models need to be posing on the front page super photoshopped and in tiny bikinis when they should be wearing sport clothes).

But then one day a book was given to me, Kaledjoskop, written by my very talented colleague Pernilla Jourde . And all of a sudden I had my perfect spring term book in my hands! Its engaging selections of 20 short stories, depicting diverse couples and friends in the 20 arrondissements of Paris, made it a perfect piece of literature that I could read a chapter of every now and then before falling asleep.

I lived in Paris for a summer, and have visited it several times after that, so it was a pure pleasure to be taken through the different quarters and getting to know the different characters, all portrayed with a very vivid and precise language, that I really admire. I was definitely not as brave as the main character in the book when living there, but I still recognized the city and it's particularities.

I can definitely recommend you toget a copy of this book (that is, if you speak Swedish, it is unfortunate not translated to any other languages yet) and I look very forward to soon be reading the follow up taking place in Brussels! (Please Pernilla, please do write it! :-)