Hey peeps😽! It's so nice to see that someone is reading my blog📃, it makes me feel useful😻.

This time I would like to talk about food for cats🐾. My human convinced me to share some tips to get cheaper food for cats , so I will tell you where I buy and what I eat👋🏽.

There are many brands which are good to eat for the cats, for example: "Virbac", "Purina", "Pro Plan", " Royal Canin"🙀. As you already know, its not healthy to eat "Whiskas" or "Kitekat"🤔. My human always says that I have to eat as good as she does and "Whiskas" and "Kitekat" is flavoured muck. It makes our organs to work harder in order to digest it and this leads to many diseases (for example kidney and early death)🙄.That is why my human buys me "Royal Canin Junior" ( cause I am still a kitten), but she always told me, when I will get older, she will change it to "Virbac" brand🙃. She thinks it is even better than RC, because of the composition of the food. This brand you can buy it only at the veterinary clinics in Lithuania. (In Denmark I haven't seen it at all)🤗. From the wet type of food I eat"Cosma". It is one of my favourite! Ahh, the "Cosma" brand has really good composition and consist of 100% of meat!🙀 My humans joke that it is even looks tasty for them! Can you imagine, how good it should be?

Yeeees, its kind of pricy food, but she prefers to have healthy and happy cat. She buys for me the food on the online store in Germany (you can find it HERE). It is a good website - they have many sales on many things and toys are cheap as well. My human always orders something new to play with for me, when she buys me food🐱. That is why I am really excited when we get huuuugeee boxes from DHL. By the way, it you order over 80 euros you get free delivery, but it depends on country💰. However, it's definitely worth checking!✔️

p.s. In the picture below you can see me with my first food and toys order from Germany! Yayyy!😄

Goodnight from Denmark.💤🐱

Miau, Etna.    #britishlonghair #food #divacatitta #catblog

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Hey beauties😽! As you already know, I am British longhair cat and this time in my blog, I would like to talk about my breed and how hard was to become recognized by cats organizations in the world🐱. Sounds hard topic, right? And you are right - it is, but it is important to know for people as well, so they do not mix me with Persian or British shorthair cats. 

First, lets talk about history of British longhair cats. Actually, it is very little known about my breed in general😽. It is clear for sure, that the British longhair is an old breed, but is relatively unknown by the public. The origin from British Longhair cats goes back to between 1914 and 1918, when British ShortHair cats were crossed with Persians cats, in order to improve genetics variation🙃. For this reason, if the shorthair parents were carrying longhair gene, as the result longhair kittens (LH) were born quite often in the litters . It is clear for sure, that British longhair (BLH) cats have been seen around for a while, but was not recognized as a separate breed. As a result,  BLH kittens were sold only for home as the pets, because they were considered as "cats with defects"🙄. It sounds weird, I know…🤔 but that is why the breed itself is very young. Many breeders of British Longhair cats were seeking to become recognized as a seperate breed by organizations and after many years they finally achieved it👋🏽.

In 2008 WCF (WorldCat Federation) accepted British Longhair as a seperate breed. Later on, in 2009, TICA (The International Cat Association) announced they fully recognize it as well as. In 2010 SACC (South African CatCouncil) recognizes British Longhair cats as preliminary breed and finally, on 1st ofJanuary in 2016, FIFE (Federation Internationale Feline) announced that they fully recognize British Longhair (BLH) cats as well.

By the way, British Longhair (BLH) is known more as “Lowlinder” in USA and “Britannica” in some of the organizations. In Europe, it is more known as “Highlander” or British Longhair. But let’s talk about the standards of BLH cats now😺.

First, I have to say, that BLH standards are the same as for British Shorthair cats, except the coat length.Our coat is semi long with proper long and dense undercoat. It has plush texture which may differ a little bit from the colour of the coat (Sometimes people say that we are like Teddy Bears, haha🐻😃). Colours of coat can be many. For example: blue, as a traditional old Persian cats, lilac, red, black, tortie, fawn, silver, bicolor. Read more about colours and indicators for it: 👉here. The head is round and skull is broad with a well rounded forehead. The head is carried on a short, thick neck. Cheeks are round as well. By the way, everyone jokes that British cats have their common smile which is formed by the cheeks on a face, haha 😃. The ears differ from small to medium size and are set quite wide apart. The nose is broad, straight and short. Eyes are large and round as well. Colour of the eyes depends on a colour of coat of the cat and can be green, blue or orange. Shoulders are broad and muscular. Legs are short, strong with round paws. The tail is short and thick and must be shorter than the whole body of the BLH cat🐱More about British Longhair breed in you can read 👉 here.

I have to say that, as the British longhair kitty I am proud... Proud to be finally  recognized and announced as separate breed by the organizations😻. If you have questions about the breed or me - don’t hesitate to ask and don’t forget to follow my blog to get to know more about BLH as a breed itself and me, as a british longhair kitty who lives in Denmark😽.Thank you for following and reading my blog!📃 #britishlonghair #catlife  #divacatitta  

Miau, Etna.🐾



Good morning world!😻 Do you want to hear a story how did I get to Denmark?🙃

On 19th of August my humans drove to small town in Lithuania called Mazeikiai🇱🇹 to pick me up. It is the town where my breeder and my siblings are living🏠. You can read about my siblings and my cattery: here. From the second largest city in Lithuania to Mazeikiai, there are more than 3 hours of driving by car 🚙.  My new humans were really nervous how I will  manage to survive 3 hours in a car when we will drive back together, but it wasn't a problem for me.

Actually, I didn't really care. One of my humans where driving a car and the other was cuddling and watching me, so I was sleeping all the time 💤. I was thinking that probably she is the one who is gonna feed me . And I were right, haha😽👊🏽.

When I got back to my new home, my new parents introduced to me... my new flatmate 🐶. Ohh, that small, smelly and fluffy creature was so weird, you cannot even imagine!🙀 She was jumping non stop and moving her tail so faaaaast🐶! I have never seen similar creature before doing the same things.  That weird creature was even trying to lick my ears  and was following me even to my toilet! Besides that, that fluffy and small flatmate  was trying to steal my food...🐶! 

I didn't know how to get rid of it, so from time to time I was trying to attack my new flatmate 🐶, but it didn't really work out. She was older, bigger and faster at that moment 🐶🐾 I had to understand that she wanted to be friends with me, but anyways... I didn't really like her . 🐶 Well, after few weeks we became friends, because I realised that she is not so bad flatmate. I just needed more time to get used to her very friendly behaviour. However,  even now, when we are friends she keeps stealing my food... Ahh, I do but not mind to share it - I just got tired to fight with her (🐶). After we became friends, we started even sleep together, If I am back in Lithuania, haha! 🐱🐶

I enjoyed my flatmate company for about a month until I had to leave. For the first time with my human i was in the plane. Well, at least she called it like that. We were flying from Vilnius to Billund via Riga ✈️. My humans were nervous again, but everything went really fine. I just do not mind flights or long hours in a car, because I usually sleeping. But now I know, that it is good thing, because my humans are travelling a lot, so they can be sure that I will be  very good travelling buddy for the upcoming trips 🚙👫!

p.s And if you think my humans put me in a cargo, you are very wrong! During the flight I was on my humans laps, but in the special traveling box according to the requirements of the airlines.

If someone is curious how the flight with the pet works, I can tell you that most of the time my tickets are more expensive than my humans👫! Don't ask why - I do not know. Its ranges from 60-80 euros per flight in cabin and from 100 euros in a cargo from Denmark to Lithuania. Of course, it depends on the airlines, but not that many flies to Lithuania from Denmark and allow pets, so usually I use SAS or Airbaltic. Low fare airlines such as Wizzair or Ryanair do not allow to have a pet/pets in a cabin.Moreover, the pet like me must have all of the vaccinations and European Union passport. More about travelling with pet you can read here.

Have a nice day and don't forget to follow my blog!


Greetings from Denmark🐾



Hey peeps, as you already know, I am a cat!🐾 Yes yes, cat. My human is just crazy about me and cats in general and she decided to make a blog for me. In a blog you will find information about my breed, my siblings and my life story, so keep in touch!😽

Lets introduce myself:

My name is Etna, as an active volcano in Sicilia, Italy. You know why? Because I behave as volcano, haha. I have born on litter E in a cattery Diva Catitta*LT and I was the only kitten. Its not so bad, because I didnt have to share mommys milk and all of the attention from my parents were dedicated only for me, haha 🐾😀 Thats why I even born few days later.

If you want to ask question about me, you are very welcome to do that and I will try to answer it in my next blog post!


Greetings from Denmark 😻