Clothing in India depends on different ethnicity and cultural traditions of the people of all states. India has a great diversity in clothing which are weaved differently, fibers, colors and material of clothing is also different. When it comes to wardrobe, we Indians have a large amount of treasure chest of ethnic wear in our closet. A women’s wardrobe will definitely have a saree and a salwar suit which is quite famous and are in trend. Now. after Diwali when the wedding festival is about to come you should owe a beautiful ethnic wear like Punjabi suits or saree. Salwar suit and saree are always in trend and goes well on every occasion. Below is the list of some latest salwar suits and sarees which is a choice of every women.

  • Ø Anarkali Suit:

  • This is a long flattering suit which is loved by every women. This suit is made with flare from the upper part and its length goes according to the design. The Anarkali suits with more flare outshine the beauty. This type of suits goes well on all body types.

  • Ø Palazzo Suit:

  • Palazzo salwar kameez gives you a complete look of novelty. You can experiment all types of kurtis on palazzo pants. It has vivid flare with the awesome designs.

  • Ø Frock style salwar suit:

  • This type of Punjabi suit gives you a complete girly look and provides you a nice Indo western look. It is a most eye catchy style and gives you a distinct look. It has flare from the mid section and are available in different patterns and are utmost comfortable.

  • Ø Kasavu from Kerala:

  • This saree is also called a settu saree. It is traditional saree of kerala which has a dhoti, a blouse and a stole which goes across the blouse. A lot of old ladies of kerala still loves this type of saree. The Kasavu saree is a modern version which is white or cream colour saree with golden border, woven with threads of gold. But now when you go with the new trend, so it is available in different colours and artificial threads.

  • Ø Banarasi Saree:

  • Banarasi sarees are originated from Banaras. This saree is all about richness. It is known for its gold and silver zari work. These sarees gives you a royal look. There are beautiful textures and colours available in this saree which will make you fall in love for it. The detailing of this saree is very intricate and gives a beautiful look to a saree. Now a days youget a lot of variety of this saree.

  • ØMuga from Assam:

  • The Muga silk sarees are very famous in Assam. It is made from a special kind of silk which is produced by a larvae that feeds on mainly two special leaves. The silk which comes from these leaves are best. It is a glossy material and is very durable. The golden threads of Muga are only found in Assam.
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