7 Tips to Avoid Plagiarism in Your Academic Writing

​Plagiarism is an act to present a theft data or text as your own, or including someone’s work into your assignment without acknowledging it to the real author. The digital technology has affected the quality of academic writing. During the initial days of the internet, the quantum of plagiarism was quite high. At that time, a number of websites were offering full essays for free and students had to just cut and paste the text into their document. However, after the advent of plagiarism checking software, the rate of plagiarism has reduced significantly. You may do plagiarism in different ways as your actions could be intentional, unintentional or reckless. Whatever the intentions you have, both the deliberate and reckless plagiarism is considered as an academic offense.

If you are a student studying in a school or college, it is mandatory for you to learn how to avoid the plagiarism because most of the students get penalties due to their reckless plagiarism. It all happens because they don’t have a complete understanding of plagiarism. If you are also one of those students, the following guideline is for you.

  • Time management. You may avoid plagiarism by improving your time management technique. The more early you will start your writing assignment, the lesser you will commit the mistakes because chances of mistakes increase when you have to meet the deadline in haste.
  • Appropriate citations. This is the best way to avoid plagiarism. You may incorporate the thoughts or text of someone else, but you will have to give credit to the real author.
  • Proofreading. Although proofreading improves the quality of your paper, it is also good support to avoid plagiarism. Just paste your data in an online article rewriter software. It will scan your text within seconds and will confirm the accuracy of citations.
  • Quote. This is probably the easiest technique to avoid plagiarism as you can include someone’ s data directly into your assignment by just giving its credit to the real creator.
  • Paraphrasing the text. In this technique, you use someone else’ s work by modifying the text into your own words, however still it will be treated as plagiarism unless you do not give credit to the original creator.
  • The Internet is also a source. The Internet is also considered a source, and you cannot include any text in your essay or term paper without citing the website from where you have taken this data.
  • Plagiarism software. Today lots of plagiarism checking software are available on the web and help you to avoid this academic crime. All you need to paste your text in the software, the software will promptly display all the sources from where you have copied the text.

Despite having great knowledge, each year many students are penalized for plagiarism. Actually, due to pressing engagements, they have inadequate time to complete their writing task. Thus, unintentionally they commit mistakes in haste and face the embarrassing situation.

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