Reminiscing in Whitefish

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Started the day of with some huckleberry pancakes and hot chocolate to get into the christmas spirit. During the day Simon showed me his old high school, around the neighbourhood, and then we meet up two of his friends for lunch. After that his friends showed us around and as a real estate student (follow my real estate insta: Soderlundrealestate) I wanted to see where all the biiiig mansions were, and so he drove up the mountain and the further up we came, the bigger the houses! After that we went to a bar and Simon meet even more friends from his year that he spent here! Overall the day was super nice and relaxing and I really enjoyed meeting all of his chill and fun friends!

The houses doesn't look that big on the pictures cause it was hard to get one nice big shoot cause lots of trees were in the way, but I swear they were huge! Even google's first investor has a big mansion here in whitefish, altho we think we only saw the roof of it haha.