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Came home to a white and snowy Stockholm, which was nice since it makes you definitely more in the christmas spirit than what it does in California! So far my jet lag have made me been asleep for hours, missed meeting my besties due to a mega nap session haha and a christmas dinner with my boyfriends family. Besides that, I have managed to meet my best friend Sara and had dinner with my parents and my boyfriend and his mom in Djursholm, and walked around Djurgården, and eating my fav food. The first thing I always have on my list to eat when I get home is Toast skagen, whitefish roe toast (löjromstoast), sushi nigiri salmon (in the U.S 2 pieces cost like 5 dollar while here its super cheap!), saffron buns, swedish candy, entrecote with bearnaise sauce etc...

Will be updating more now that my jet lag is starting to fade!

First dinner at home at Diplomat, we live 5 seconds away so we just walk in without jackets haha, got my Toast skaagen yum!

Best place <3


Dinner with my parents, Simon and his mom

My handsome boyfriend and his dog Malte<3

Me in my rare habitat being awake haha

Todays walk around Djurgården with Malte