Illegal to wear high heels in Carmel?

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Drove the 101 highway which was beautiful but scary to! When you live in San Diego, you never really do the typical "California roadtrip" but it is so fun doing it, cause there is a such a BIG difference between Southern California and Northern California. Anyways, drove past Big Sur which looked really cozy, and then we made it to Carmel! After we had checked in to our hotel, we went out for an early dinner at Forge in the forest. FUN FACT: There is a law from the 1920's in Carmel that states that it is ILLEGAL to wear high heels in Carmel because of the uneven pavement, altho the cops would never do anything if they saw you wearing it today obviously haha!

Breaking the law with my heels haha

Mom taught me to always do this to my mussels!

To bad Simons eyes are closed, BUT the setting was SO cute. Everything is so beautiful in Carmel-By-The-Sea



Finis <3 <3 Så mysigt att ni verkar hitta på så mycket hela tiden!!
jaaa mihi kom hit så får du följa med på massa äventyr och hollywood fester <3
Men WOW!! Det ser verkligen fantastiskt ut!! <3