Getting two little sisters

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So monday night was really exciting since it was that time of year when the new members of Alpha Phi gets their "big" sister. So the deal is that you pick which ones you want, and if they pick you back its a match, and luckily both my littles wanted me haha, then you give them baskets throughout the week with their favorite snack, jewellery, candles, alpha phi shirts etc, and then you also give them a matching outfit that you guys will wear so that everyone can see who your little or big is. So I gave mine PJ's and a Alpha Phi sleep mask, and then for the reveal we all had to hold a sheet over us and then count down to 1 and drop it and then they see that you are there big sister! So it is kind of a surprise until the reveal, but I think mines kinda knew that I was going to be their big sister! I am so happy that I got literally the coolest and most beautiful both inside and out little sisters, Caroline and Alexandra <3 They are both Swedish and with Alexandra I can actually talk Swedish with, how awesome? Afterwards we went to a indoor skating rink (never done that before) and that was so much fun and also a bit scary! It was so hilarious tho seeing everybody fall on their buts all the time (sorry babes), felt like I was laughing the whole time!

My best friend Kathrine <3 She is so wise, love her so much, she dressed up as Dr Seuss Sam I am cat!

Alexandra, My big sister, Me, Caroline

Trying to do the typical sorority pose

Spent a whole night making these baskets, a total of 6 with goodies for my lovies! My apartment was a mess with all the sorority and fraternity t-shirts and all the crafting going on!



So cute pictures!
Neej vad mysigt!!!! Γ„lskar era outfits Hahah!! SUPERSNYGGA!!!! 😍😩😍😩😍
taaack! <3