Elvis Presley House!!

Archive of 23rd March

Started the morning with yoga and a nice breakfast at the hotel. Afterwards we went to the pool for an hour or so, and then we took the car and drove the short little drive to downtown to show mom what the main strip in the daylight looked like. We looked at the old hollywood museum, had lunch at Wilma & Frieda, looked at all the wonderful houses in Palm Springs, AND drove past both Elvis Presleys honeymoon getaway house, and his personal house that he bought after falling in love with Palm Springs.

In the evening we tried out a must-go-to place called Birba.

(For you that are not aware, Palm Springs was the getaway dream place for everybody in Hollywood during the old Hollywood era, and it still is for a lot of actors, singers etc today.

Fun fact! Back in the day, stars that were under contracts could only take vacation 2 hours away from Los Angeles incase they were needed to come back and shoot something, and therefore everyone was hanging out in PS since it is only a 2 hour drive from LA.)

Elvis honeymoon house to the left, and his private one on the right.



Fina bilder 😊