A Thursday In My California Life

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Started the morning with running half way with Simon around our neighbourhood (he runs way faster and longer then me), ran a bit longer then I usually do but the struggle is still real haha. Afterwards we had lunch at Burger Lounge, I had a alaskan cod sandwich, and then I drove of to university. Had my writing course and my statistic class, and then I picked up Simon and sat in some San Diego traffic :) By 8.30 o'clock I meet up with my "sorority family" (basically, you get a big sister your first year, and then when its your turn to get a little sister, your big sister becomes a great big sister to your little sister, and the family tree continues on and on for every year!), Rachel (who is my "great big" sister) and Madi (my "big" sister), and ate Sushi at Sushi Ota in Pacific Beach. A little hidden gem by a 7-eleven store, but super popular and fancy sushi. Tried hot sake for the first time, and it was actually pretty decent! Now --> A cup of tea before going to bed, nighty nighty!

My hair looks super oily, because it is. I slept with coconut oil in my hair during the night!

As a real estate major, there is nothing better then seeing new houses around the block. Love how La Jolla houses are so unique and vary in style. This last house for example, is a historic landmark!

The coconut oil worked wonders! Usually have super curly hair, but the San Diego sun takes a lot of tool on blond hair like mine!



Låter som en bra dag! 😊
verkligen <3
Mmm vad härligt!!! Vill hoppa in i bilderna och vara meeed <3
jaa haha <3