A Beach Weekend

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The video above is so soothing, took it while I was taking a break from running!

Pictures from my weekend!

Friday: Me and Simon took care of some things on our today list, and moved out all the stuff that were still left inside our old apartment, to our new one.

Saturday: Got hooot in San Diego, so went to the beach and had some drinks later at Shore rider. After that, I meet up with Anna, Emma, and Sara and we had some wine while watching the sunset. After that we had pizza at my place!

Sunday: Made some swedish pancakes for breakfast and went down to the beach! After that we had lunch at a brewery near us, and bought some candy and watched movies on netflix while having pizzaaaaa. Like a sunday should be!!

Next weekend me and Simon are going to Palm Springs (my fav place!!!), really excited about that! But nooow ----> School!