North Karelia

5 years since I visited our summer cottage at the lake Pielinen. Our family has private beach with space to run and water is only up to your knees even if you walk 30 meters into the lake. I just love this place and I didn't even realize how much I have missed it. The drive is without breaks 6 hours but when you get to the destination its worth of every kilometers. If you are travelling with children our family's tradition has been to stop at Punkaharju to swim and from Savonlinna's marketplace be buy lörtsyt. Its Finnish sweet pie with apple or meat filling. This time we just drove straight but next time we do the journey old fashion.

Punkaharju is really beautiful place with crystal clear water and incredible landscape! There are also museums and floral gardens to visit ----->

But now to the main point! Pielinen is Finland’s fourth-largest lake. On its shores and forested hill Koli it has beautiful views. Must thing to do is to eat Karelian pie which is a traditional finnish dish.

Our nearest town from our cottage is Vuonislahti and some day I'll go there to an iceland horseback riding in to the wilderness. You can find the riding possibility from Kuivalan tila.

Coffee on the beach, temperature +22 at 9am. Such a perfect day.

This mill by the river is almost next to our cottage. Soon they are going to build stairs for salmons, so at the time those are changing the side on the river its nice to see. Especially for children. This place is so quiet and has real harmonica.

This is what we did almost three days! Swimming and playing on the beach.

I love to wear stripes on summertime. This jumpsuit is from H&M. This is my natural hair, so at the moment Im not wearing any extensions.

Similar dress --->

From Finnish nature you are allowed to pick berries everywhere, except from private areas. We have similar berry like blueberry but its called wild bilberry, which has stronger taste, and darker color. Also some wild strawberries and raspberries.

Children were so proud they could eat own hand picked berries with some pancakes.

This is the view from our cottages terrace. Usually buildings cant be this close to the beach, but as its a old one we can enjoy living on a beach watching sunset with couple mosquitoes.

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