Hello again, was just going to share a part of my dinner! Tonight I served fresh organic orange and purple carrots and purple cauliflower, with some homemade dips that I am going to share my recipe on.

Recipe Ginger Hummus:

400g chickpeas

1 cm fresh ginger

some chili

2 tbsp lime juice

almost 0,5 dl olive oil


How: Just mix it all together in a mixer and enjoy!

Recipe Guacamole:

2 avocados

some chili

2 tbsp lime juice



How: Smash it all together in a bowl with a fork or your hands (feels good, brings up memories from childhood haha).

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Hello, today I got to know that I need glasses, all the time, forever for the rest of my life. Weho, not, but the good thing is that they probably with take away my headache. I also took a walk in the forest, which was nice to rinse my mind about the glasses. I brought home 3 pairs of glasses to get used to the feeling of wearing them, and maybe decide on a pair.



Hello! Today I made some sugar free and wheat free chocolate banana cupcakes, it was a total experiment but they ended up tasting so sweet and delicious! You could not tell that they were missing real sugar or wheat, the banana and the dates really made up for the sweet part. Even the topping is sugar free, and still almost sweeter than me, hehe!

I am guessing that you all want the recipe so here it comes:


100g vegan butter

3,5 dl oats (2,5 dl for flour)

1,5 dl coconut flakes (mixed to flour)

8 dates

Half a banana

1,5tsp baking soda

2 tsp “No egg”

1 dl soy milk

4 tbsp cacao

3 tsp agave syrup

pinch of salt

Ingredients for topping:

15 dates

0,75 dl coconut oil

1 tbsp agave syrup

3 tbsp cacao

pinch of salt

banana and coconut flakes for topping on the topping

How to make the muffins: Start by heating the oven to 200°. Mix 2,5 dl oats and the coconut flakes into a flour. Add the baking soda, No egg and salt and mix. Now pour the flour mix into a new bowl so that the mixer is free. Mix dates, banana, soy milk and cacao, and then add that to the flour mix and mix to a smooth batter. Divide up the batter in muffin molds and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

How to make the topping: Mix 15 dates with 0,75 dl coconut oil, 1 tbsp agave syrup, 3 tbsp cacao and a pinch of salt to a smooth butter.

Let the muffins cool down a bit before you apply the topping.

I also topped them off with some banana slices and coconut flakes.



Hello, I'm good! How are you? Yesterday was Friday and I spent the day in school and later at my job. It was a good day and the weather was at its top for being March in Sweden! We spent the lunch break out at the school yard.

This was literarily the sky both yesterday and today, I love it!

Ellen, Hanna & Natasha in the sun.

I went to John after I finished at work and today we spent walking around in a sunny Stockholm. We bought a birthday gift for a friend who has just turned 20 years old, and I bought a juice that tasted awesome. It was a mix of apple, carrot and ginger, and it had a really strong ginger taste, and if you are a ginger-lover like me you would love it (heheh, that can be read so wrong... I am talking about the veggie, not a person-type)!

Here is my dear juice, I recommend it!

And here is my trophy man, my babe looking great as always.

We just started to watch Girls too for some days ago, and I have mixed feelings about it, although I am stuck in the show and I already have gone through the first season.. Sometimes I get irritated at characters for their weirs choices, ​but I will probable finish the whole show in two months anyways hehe..




This morning I booked tickets for me and John to Say Lou Lou who are going to play on Debaser, Medborgarplatsen in two weeks! I am so excited! I haven´t been to a real concert in ages and I really like their music so I look forward to it so much! Lets just hope that I get in.. You had to be 20 to buy tickets, and thankfully John turns 20 this year so it worked to buy in his name, but fore me it's one year left. But that will hopefully not be an issue!

Here is a top 3 list of my favorit songs by Say Lou Lou:

1. Everything We Touch

2. Beloved

3. Skylights

Lets hope that they'll play all of the songs above!




Hello, today was a great day! I didn't start school until 12.15 so I could sleep until 11 if I would have wanted to. The issue there was just that I can't sleep for that long so I woke up at 6.30 anyways and made John go to school (he was not as lucky as me with starting late hehe), and then I chilled for a while before I went to yoga at 11 before school.

School was good, but I was so tired at 4 when I was supposed to go to the extra Chinese practice for the competition in 3 weeks, but I went and even got to leave after 30 minutes, yey!

The train was late though.. As usual I guess but I listened to music and thought of nice things and then the time passed pretty fast anyways.

Now I'm back home home in Västerhanin

Today on my way to the bus station from school.​



Today we had the annual song competition in school, it's a thing where are the four houses of my school competes in song, or more of band I would say.. It was a lot of fun, but my house did not win, even if we clearly were awesome itself!


My house Pavlow

Our badass keyboardist.

Even if my house didn't win I managed to win a Spotify gift card on 100kr with my friends Hanna, Ellen and Natasha in a competition about which teacher had witch favorit song​.




Today was a chill day and I didn't really have anything important in school so during my three hour long art class I got to take a photo walk on Södermalm. I used about a third of that time on a super cozy café with a hot cup of soy milk coffee.

The light was perfect when we ended school, so I decided to take some pictures of two of my new friends! Since I had to redo my second year of Swedish highschool since I returned from The States I have now got a whole bunch of new friends, and here are two of my favorite ones:

Well you can only really see Ellen, but the other one is Hanna, they are pretty awesome, and we like to work out at Friskis & Svettis together.

Me and Ellen in the sunset.




Hello! It has been a long time since last time I wrote something here but today I decided to make a new try. The whole city smelled like spring, and I just felt like today is the perfect day for a new start, for anything!

I have also not even touched my camera for months, and today I brought it to school to do some art work, and realised how much I have missed it, so I feel like I need somewhere to upload my images, otherwise the "fun" in my photography kind of disappears.

Some changes has happened from last you heard from me, here is a small list:

- I am now back in Sweden, Stockholm from my exchange year in Alaska, which this blog earlier was all about.

- I am now vegan instead of vegetarian and has been for about 7 months, I look forward to share some of my delicious recipes with you!

Well thats it I think, haha now I realized that not much has happened.. Oh I got a boyfriend too, wehoo! So all my admires out there have to find someone else.

So yeah now you can read about my extremely interesting life again, everyones life is completed!




We went up in one of the really tall buildings during the last night to look at the view, so I could take some pictures, so here is New York by night:

We also walked to a bar with a great view over Time Square

Yep, thats it, my New York pictures! Hope you all liked them!