Let me start by saying that I've been wearing these boots to death so apologies that they don't look the cleanest! They are without doubt the comfiest boots I have ever worn and I've fully tested them while hacking out on my young cob, Marley.

I've had these for a few months now, but to give a fair review I've had to wear them a lot. I bought these boots after the disappointment of never fitting into off the shelf tall boots. These are the only boots I've seen that are wide enough on the calf, but also available in three heights to suit any rider.

In the photos below I'm wearing the Fuller Fillies Field Boots in standard height with extra wide calf. The calf is amazingly comfy, no more losing circulation while riding! The foot size is very accurate but also has enough room for thick winter socks. The stretch panel and laces allow you to truly flex and bend as you ride, and the standard height is perfect for my legs.

These boots are so comfy to ride in, they are supportive without being restrictive and I've only had to clean and condition them once so far! They are so durable and have survived being taken through bushes and trees out hacking without a scratch on them. They've also endured trudging through muddy gateways and through a large puddle that Marley refused to go through on a hack.

As you can see in the photos, they flex well with my ankle without compromising on support. The photos were taken on an impromptu ride to test my new saddle, so no judgement on my muddy pony please :D

If you're considering a pair of long boots, whether you're a first time buyer of tall boots or you're looking to replace the pair you've had for years, I would fully reccomend Fuller Fillies! With fabulous customer service and hassle free returns there's no wonder that they're the first choice for so many people that can get into the narrow sized boots available in all tack shops.

I hope that both this and my first impressions blog are helpful to anyone taking the plunge into buying a pair of y'all boots. If you have any questions please leave a comment down below :)



It's no joke when I say I've been waiting years to buy a pair of long riding boots, or rather to find a pair that fit! I've always admired long boots, but never been able to fit into them myself. Everything I had tried on in the past was either too long or too narrow on the calf. After a while of searching and only finding boots that were way out of my price range online with no guarantee that they would fit, I gave up looking. I've had the same pair of half chaps for over ten years now, the elastic is mostly gone and the chaps that were once black are now a faded and peeling grey. To match my new horse I traded in a lot of unwanted horse items that didn't fit my cob and used the money to treat myself.

At first I ordered the standard height wide option. When they arrived they were slightly too tight on my calves and I didn't want to risk having months of waiting for the leather to stretch. I returned them with Fuller Fillies hastle free returns system and organised an exchange for an extra wide pair. The customer service I received was brilliant, I couldn't have asked for better help and advice on sizing. When the stock arrived I was updated and given a date of arrival via courier. I was given a further update to the exact time my boots would be arriving which made me very excited.

When they arrived I opened up the lovely pink box and slipped them on. I held my breath while zipping them up and then almost cried in relief. The zips did up perfectly, and I tried them over riding tight and thicker jodhpurs to be sure that they would be a great fit all year round.

The quality of these boots is unbelievable! The leather is soft and feels like beautiful quality, the zips are sturdy without being too bulky and the stitching all over the boots is well done. I can't explain how happy I am with my purchase!

In the end I bought a UK size size in the option of standard height with an extra wide calf. My calves are around 18.5 inches and the fit is snug without being uncomfortable, with the added bonus of a stretch panel that will allow me to wear thicker jodhpurs in winter with long winter socks. The design of the boots is extremely slimming, my huge calfs look nowhere near as wide in these boots and the contoured ankle doesn't add bulk. As you can see from the photos above and below, the boots look amazing.

I'll be updating this blog after I've ridden in these boots for a month or so to allow everyone to see how they break in and how much they eventually drop with use.
I'm very hopefully that these boots will last a long time and put up with a lot or wear.

If you've got any questions about these boots please feel free to leave a comment below :)