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Why abandon Eofla Apps?

Because the app maker that they use does have creativity but there is work (staff) that we should do in one particular Minecraft PE server, Fantasy Island along with 2 servers, Fantasy Prison and Fantasy Skyblock. Since we don't have time to update all of Eofla Apps, and some of them have errors in the next update, we have to retire Eofla Apps and Sketchware.

Why retire Eofla Apps and Sketchware?

I found Android Studio very productive that we can do the apps on Android based on ideas. Sketchware is, too, but some of the apps like phone restarter, cannot be made on Sketchware and has to be done using Android Studio.

Not only because we have to staff all these 3 MCPE servers, but also to improve our experience in making apps like these.

We are also retired because there is something weird in Sketchware, and includes from severe to non-severe:

- Inappropriate apps posting
- Not enough functions since the time we are retired. We need notifications, etc.

Will we ever going to be back to continue making updates for Eofla Apps?

We think so, as long as we are not banned from Sketchware, because Sketchware is constantly improving every day, including updates on Google Play Store, and if Sketchware reached to an update that includes:

- Notifications, Phone restarter and shutdown, music equalizer, fetch data from WiFi and converting from string to text in TextView
- Buttons on the top bar, Swipe left to open menu like most modern apps has, and some useful functions and widgets

We will continue developing new apps, as well as putting new updates on existing apps that needs bug fixes and updates, and new features.

Planned things:

We would like to plan the following:

- PocketMine MP plugins
- Get staff on many servers as possible that is outside the Fantasy servers
- Do nice things like PowerPoint OS collection
- Improve the blog design
- And more...

As for Eofla Apps, we cannot plan anything on it.


We abandoned Eofla Apps because of something weird happened in Sketchware, apps failing to compile, inappropriate apps posting, not enough functions, and we have to staff all 3 MCPE servers.

We planned awesome things that is outside the Eofla Apps but not inside the Eofla Apps because we retired both Eofla Apps and Sketchware.

Last Goodbye of Eofla Apps 2016-2017:

Goodbye, Eofla Apps.
Uninstall Eofla Apps or part of it if you like to.

EoflaOE, a great Sketchware customer who retired.
EoflaOE will miss you all, including ModsZone.

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- EoflaOE ViceCity: "Linux, MC, and more..."

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About this glitch:

This glitch is serious, annoying, breaching and urgent that once you have Windows installed and run for the first time, it will show you the OOBE box, but that is run from the SYSTEM user and when you do SHIFT+F10, the terminal command line window opens, which you can write "explorer" on to give you the advantage of using Windows without having to continue using OOBE.

You may see the authenticated user account as SYSTEM because Windows XP does not have any user accounts set yet, but the Administrator account.

The SYSTEM account is hidden by default, but it can be somehow breachable by reinstalling Windows, and opening up the terminal by using SHIFT+F10 on the front of the OOBE window in order for you to run the explorer application which tells the explorer to open up the taskbar. The reason is that because the SHIFT+F10 shortcut key is not disabled yet and the OOBE window is not on the top, allowing the terminal to be the top of the OOBE window.

When you finish the OOBE after authenticating and opening up Explorer, the Welcome message appears, but then there is the black bar in the bottom of the screen, letting us know that SYSTEM account is authenticated again but you are logged in to your user account. The clock appeared a little bit bigger, and so the taskbar, start menu, etc.

When you log off, you see your account and log in to it to authenticate to your actual account, disabling access to SHIFT+F10 until Windows needs to be reinstalled.

The caveat is on Windows Installer, you can open Terminal the same way but you cannot open Explorer because it dies and won't respawn until the installer is complete. But you can open some programs, do DOS apps, etc. Do not run any apps that could possibly harm Windows, Windows installer and its setup.

We need to know where is the source of this glitch, but unfortunately, Microsoft made all Windows and their apps closed source so we cannot view the source code of it.

The worst thing is that you can force OOBE to be under Explorer by opening taskmgr, then right-clicking the OOBE title and setting it to minimized mode so the Explorer comes first until you restarted OOBE window, which you have to do it again or finish the OOBE.

They also used this so they can install final drivers, apps, etc. and the good thing is that you can open Internet on it to explore something while you are SYSTEM!

When you restart, shutdown or hibernate your computer, and tried to turn on, after Windows booting has finished, you might see the wallpaper that SYSTEM set, or you set it for SYSTEM.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Reinstall Windows XP from the original CD, any editions are applicable. Black editions, or such are not necessary and some black editions of Windows XP skips the OOBE like the Black Edition that I found on the Internet.

2. Please wait until the OOBE window opens, and do SHIFT+F10 and then type Explorer so the Explorer would open, and so the taskbar, start menu, and everything.

3. Open the start menu and look at the user bar. You are the SYSTEM Account!

4. Do something, and finish the OOBE when you have finished.

5. You might see the Welcome screen, after split second, you may experience the black bar on the bottom of the screen but it is extending.

6. Modify anything as you wish.

7. When finished, log off your computer.

8. Log in to your account, and the black bar will never appear. You cannot do SHIFT+F10 at this point.

9. Look at your Start Menu! You are now authenticated to your account instead of SYSTEM!


You finish the installation, and you wait until the OOBE comes, then while doing SHIFT+F10, you are trying to execute this infamous glitch by opening Explorer, then look at your Start menu, and that desktop is used for installing final apps, devices, games, drivers, etc. Then finish the OOBE when you have finished, and you might see the Welcome screen as well as the black bar extending as if it is Android's navigation bar's length, then log off of it then log your account in again, and you are in your actual account. You can shut down, hibernate or restart your computer and while you turn on after Windows booting has finished, you see the wallpaper that you set for SYSTEM or SYSTEM set it.

Risk rate:

All Windows XP computers (EVEN SP1, SP2, AND SP3) are affected to this bug.

This can put a high risk into breaking your system by hacking registry and deleting.

Risk: Risky


You should never use Windows XP. Also it's support has ended.

Affects on:

- Windows XP*
- Windows XP Professional
- Windows XP Home Edition
- Windows XP SP1, SP2 and SP3*
- Windows XP Professional SP1, SP2 and SP3
- Windows XP Home Edition SP1, SP2 and SP3
- Windows XP 64-bit*

- Windows XP 64-bit Professional

- Windows XP 64-bit Home Edition
- Windows XP 64-bit SP1, SP2 and SP3*
- Windows XP Professional 64-bit SP1, SP2 and SP3
- Windows XP Home Edition 64-bit SP1, SP2 and SP3

* This could be also black editions, pirated editions, etc.



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Did you read the rules? If so, read this:

We do have severities for rules, so we have examples. Let us see!

In IRC, Slack, and E-mail:


Examples of spamming in severity 1:

"Please add something to your apps!" repeated 5 or more times
"Stop fixing bugs!" repeated 5 or more times
"Jajajajaja hahahahaha" repeated 3 or more times

Examples of spamming in severity 2:

"PLEASE FIX THIS BUG, OR I WILL [bad word] YOU!" repeated 3 or more times
"I WILL CALL THE DEVELOPER TO [bad word] YOU OFF!" repeated 3 or more times


Examples of swearing in severity 1:

"[bad word] you, Eofla! because you did not [bad word]ing add some [bad word]ing great features!" punish = kick / quiet
"[bad word in caps] YOU [username]" punish = kick / quiet

Examples of swearing in severity 2:

"[bad word]" punish = quiet | spamming of it = punishment

Examples of swearing in severity 3:

"[bad word] you Eofla you [bad word]ing [bad word] you [bad word] your [bad word]!" punish = kick

Porn links**:

Examples of putting a porn link:

"Please go to [porn site] for awesome cat images!" punish = kick / quiet / discussed

Improper language***:

Examples of not nice language:

"5i110 gay5, h0w 4r3 y0u?" punish = quiet
"I the problem, when I to execute, I got msg an error ocured" punish = quiet


Examples of offtopic in #eoflaapps:

"I have the same computer that is Ubuntu, and I would like to restore" punish = kick

Breaching content of the person*:

Examples of breaching content of the person:


Capital letters***:

Examples of all or partial caps on messages:

"Do you, EVERYONE, think that Eofla has to add SETTINGS BUTTON in all of his applications?" punish = ban / discuss
"HEY YOU, [person name], WHY YOU ARE SPAMMING? [bad word] YOU!" punish = ban / discuss
"I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF YOU, [person name], [op name], and [another person's name]! I WILL REPORT!" punish = ban / discuss
"ENOUGH, [op name]! [another op name], Can you just do SOMETHING ABOUT HIM?" punish = ban / discuss

Decisions made if punished and kept trying to break the rules:

Severity of swearing higher than 3 results in a ban.
Severity of spamming higher than 2 results in a kick.
3 kicks for spam = ban.
If discussed about porn, and still refuses to follow = ban.
If discussed about partial or full caps on message, and still refuses to follow = permanent ban
If ban evaded = ban for other alt account


* Only for IRC
** Only for IRC and Slack
*** IRC, Slack, and E-mail



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List of updates:

- Eofla Calculator: Added history
- Eofla Note: Added About screen
- Eofla Login: Added Name changer
- Absolute Value: Added a part chooser
- Feedback Simulator: Support for longer texts



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Here are the rules that should not be broken (firstly on IRC):

1. Do not flood, spam or use excessive swearing. The text with more than 5 lines is considered flooding the whole channel, and if the text has more repetitive characters and has a line of more than 3, it is considered spam-flooding.

2. Do not put a porn link (like websites with porn picture or has the content rating of Adults) or use piracy of our software. It is considered piracy and porn-sharing.

3. Use a nice language as nice as you can! Languages that are hard to read like (h3ll0 guy5), (hillo gays), are considered speaking incorrectly.

4. Do not abuse the commands to get op! It is secure anyway.

5. Making bots (happened to #ubuntu IRC Channel almost, not exactly 2 days ago) and saying something like (jajajajaja), (hahahahaha), etc. are considered bot-flooding and is a bannable offence.

6. Do not abuse bans by creating too many accounts, making an alternative account, etc. It is considered ban-hacking and therefore is a bannable client and domain that the offended user is on.

7. Do not attempt to use proxies (Tor, etc.), It is a bannable offence and it is considered proxy-joining.

Do you think these rules are more strict? There's three and is:

8. Do not attempt to go offtopic on #eoflaapps, but is acceptable on #eoflaofftopic, and do not attempt to say something appropriate to Eofla Apps on #eoflaofftopic, but is acceptable on #eoflaapps channel.

9. Do not attempt to swear, give out your password, ask questions for real name, country, etc. It is considered breaching content of a person.

10. Never use all caps message like (Do you thing that Eofla adds SETTINGS button on all of his apps?), (WHY YOU ARE SPAMMING?), etc.

Secondly, Slack:

1. Do not spam, flood, swear, etc.

2. Do not abuse our bots and apps.

3. Do not attempt to create a channel that has the porn things.

4. Make a bug ticket when you want to report bugs. Urgent bugs, security bugs, etc. were accepted.

5. Do not attempt to post porn links, MetaCert knows that!

6. Never use all caps message.

7. Do not attempt to go offtopic on the following channels:

- #general

- #bugs

- #requests

- #ideas

but you can go offtopic on #random.

8. Never use Slack on the proxy or VPN like Tor, etc.

9. Use nice language.

and now on E-mail:

1. Never spam, flood, swear, etc.

2. Put the description nicely and use nice language.

3. Put the title (subject) nicely, A good subject would be like ((bug severity) bug: (bug title)), A bad subject would be like (Fix this), etc.

4. Be specific about your bug and list the reasons like this:

" Expected results:

(result must be exact and is expected)

Actual results:

(result that is unexpected)

Steps to reproduce:





(description must be specific)



Severity: (severity)"

We will update it when necessary.



The first alpha version is released with the support of contacting via E-mail, IRC and Slack. The contact can succeed by:

1. Installing Slack, and clicking Slack to open our team's summary page ( and an option to install Slack or open Slack. It is available multi-platform.

2. Installing IRC clients for your PC, or your mobile. Find an IRC client button opens Play Store with the app name of AndChat. If you want to use different clients, you have to search Play Store for "IRC Client", or "IRC", then selecting any clients, then installing it or if you need to chat in PC, you need to install the most popular chatting, HexChat, to your computer, or install mIRC on Windows (It is the trial version and you have to pay a full version to continue.) to contact us.

3. Installing Gmail on your computer, tablet, or phone, and emailing us to (

It also adds the feature which is Copyright, but the copyright license is not released yet.

Rules for our IRC Channel can be found above this blog.



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This feedback simulator involves the improved version of Feedback Simulator with the name option, stars option and the review that you could type things such as: "This app is good, interesting, and nice design, It lets users into investigating a problem in their computers, phone's, and more.", There are also a star option that is like Google Play but it is not using the Internet.


- No internet connection needed

- Local use


- No saving option

- No emailing to

- Needs to enter name before rating