​Hi everyone, in this post I thought I would tell you all what I would do in a zombie apocalypse. So let’s picture this, I've woken up on the bus-station I find a shopping cart and in it I find a chainsaw. So the first thing I think I would do is find a way to exchange my shopping cart to something less ungainly, like a motorcycle or a van. The second thing I would do is find an other hideout than the bus-station, because obviously it’s not the best place to be if youwant to go unnoticed. People know where it is and they know how get there so not the best place to hide in. So I would want to be in a familiar place that wasn’t closeto a city or village, but not so far away that I wouldn’t have access to find food. Thirdly if I was a zombie and was hungry I would search for my prey in a place where a lot of recourses could be found, for example in a mall or foodstore, so I would (obviously) stay away from those places.

Later when I was sure my hideout was secure enough I think supplies would be a good thing to have. To have food, clothes, other weapons (because a chainsaw is LOUD and hard to carry around and run with) and medicine. If I found another survivor we could live there a while not worrying about dinner and that I think would be nice to have company. Later if the zombies comes and find us I think we or I could just move location. Because if there was a haven I Boden I don’t think trying to travel there would be a good idea. Even if the zombies didn’t know about it  they must have  discovered a pattern in where the humans are headed so I think laying low is what I would do. I don’t really think I would survive a zombie apocalypse but I don’t think I would be the one to die first. So if a apocalypse comes I think I would do anything for my team and family so I think I would die trying to help them, and if one was bitten I would kill them out of mercy. Or maybe I would run and leave everyone behind but I hope we never find out. So that was my zombie survival plan, comment what you think and you can give me advice. Until next time people of the internet, bye! 

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