Okey first of all, i am not a really good writer and i'm so bad at gramma just so you all know, lol. But anyway i will do my best.

Let's start. What i really don't like, or i can say what i really do hate is when people judge other people. The most things people judge other people for is "how people dress", or " how people look like". And i often think To myself, what's the point to judge other. I really don't get why people do that. We are all different and thank god for that.

From my experince, I'm used to people judging me. I know i maybe "dress different" but for me it's my own style so i don't see it's different. I just wear what i like. And i've heard from people who didn't know me before and who know me maybe now saying, "i thought you where a bitch and believing you were better than other, but i was so wrong". And people think that because of how i dress? It's so weird for me and it hurts to hear that people really thought i'm thinking i'm better then them or thinking i'm a bitch. Because i'm not like that at all. I can be a bitch if you do something really mean To me or to my friends and family, but i think everyone would, don't you think? But really i have never ever thought i'm better then anyone else. I'm always happy and i love that people have their own style. It's more personal, and i get inspired by that.

I'm not saying i've never judge someone, because i have, we all have. But i remember me saying To myself years ago, "you don't what people to judge you, so stop judge other". And i still remind myself of that and i Will keep that with me. Because it hurts To hear mean things about yourself from what other thinks just because you wearing what you love or just be judged for the way you look like. And what really hurts is when people you think are your friends but are talking mean things behind your back and judging you infront of other. No one is perfect. But everyone is perfect in their own way. So never forget that. And you should dress how you want without hearing bad things.

One of the best citats i ever heard is: BE YOUR STYLE AND LOVE IT. So why not give people compliments for how they dress and being their own style and the most important thing of all, make them feel happy for being themself.

But i also have to say there is alot of nice people Too. I know alot of them. There is also people who come up To me and say, " i really love your style" or " you are always dressing up so nice" which makes me so happy and it really means alot To me. More than you know. So, much love To all of you. You're the best.

Xx, E



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