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So I decied to move my blog from wordpress to here for a fresh start.

In the past I haven't been the best at following a schedule and post regularly cause I just didn't get any inspiration and didn't know what in the word I wanted to write about in the first place. But now I kind of do know what I wanna write about for at least too until the end of the year but by then I might be well into this schedule I want to create and the inspiration may be flowing inside of me but who knows. But in a little bit more than 8 weeks I am moving and I want to document my journey of moving to a "suburbia" area of my town as it is on the outskirts and not central as I have been living for the past 10 years, where you walk 20 minutes and you are downtown by all the shops.

So my life is gonna change drastic who knows I might start online shopping more and not hang so much with my friends at the cafés downtown but who knows what's in the future. If I do end up shopping online more would you like to see me doing hauls on this blog??

If anyone of you have any blog ideas or ideas at all of things that could help please leave them in the comments.

LOVE/ Emelie

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