Last weekend I bought new make up in Amsterdam, sometimes I have that feeeling that I'm in need of new make up.
I heard a lot of the NYX lipstick, that it's really good and so on, so I needed to buy one! I already tried it and it's good, it last for long and it's really easy to put on. If I find something important about lipstick it's that it needs to easy to put on, I have thin lips so I hate it that I have to corrigate my foundation again. Here with the NYX lipstick it's with a brush which makes it more easy. 

Next to the lipstick I bought a contour palette at NYX. I tried it twice now, the first time it was a bit to dark, but you need to blush it a a bit away and then it's good! I love contouring but I need to learn a lot, that's why I bought a big palette so I can see which colors works for me.

& I bought at Douglas a new eyeshadow palette (blame on me), I already have so many palettes but these colors are so nice, you can't see it here but will try to show you later! 

The other things I bought are foundation at KIKO, brushes at ICI Paris and KIKO. It's important to have good brushes to apply make up on, so I invested in some new brushes! I love the brushes from realtechniques, they are very good, now I bought others, they are good too. 

Loves, Emma xx



I love the nyx contour kit!