I started my saturdaymorning with a mask. I used the new Clay mask from L'oréal. It's good, my skin was very soft like after using it. Like a baby haha! :) I'm going to try to use this mask 2 times a week which will be good for my skin.

In the afternoon I went to Bruges with Sophie. We did some shopping and had coffee at Vero Café. I went for a latte with some caramel. Reaaaally good!

In the evening I went to my boy and I got these amazing flowers, I'm soo happy with it! I love him hihi <3

In Bruges I bought a new concealer, wanted a good one for a long time and I read that this was a good one, so on Sundaymorning I used it, I love it. I'm using color 20, which fit good with my skincolor. It's also to apply so thumps up for this one!

In the afternoon I went with my boy to Ostend, to walk a bit and do some shops. There was sooo much wind that we almost got blown away, I saw the sea for like 1 minut haha. Anyway the weekend is almost over, now time to watch tv and chill before a new workweek starts.