As a typical girl I like make-up a lot. I love to use different products and switch so I can try out and compare hehe.

Some weeks ago when I was in Amsterdam I bought NYX lipstick. I never used it before but I like the products and the way you can apply it. It's sooo easy.! The make up of NYX is also price friendly which is nice too. Another product that I tried of NYX is the contour & highlight palette. I love it too.

Another switch I made in the last 2 months is using foundation instead of Mousse. I wanted to try foundation for a long time but something was stopping me but then I went to Kiko Make up and bought one. In the beginning it was weird but now after two months using it every day I'm used to it. I combine my foundation with a powder, now I'm using a powder from Kiko but I switch sometimes.

My other favorite product that I use every day for a few years now is the Mac eyeliner. It's definity the best one I had in all the years I wear make up now. If you're looking for a good eyeliner, to to Mac!

Now time to clean my make up instead and chill hehe!



I love Nyx soft matte lip creams. One of my favorite drugstore lip products! xx Jessica