Hi lovies! Here a post about my favorite watches! When I start working on the first of september and I got my first earned money as a real job, the first thing I bought was my cluse watch! I bought the Black Gold Bohème watch. It's a very simple one but I use it like everyday.
When cluse released the Limited collection of Velvet, I wanted one immediatly! The watches are so good! I went for the blue Velvet with Silver. I'm more a gold girl but since I have this watch I really like to wear silver too. The Blue Velvet watch is a minuit, which is a bit smaller than the Bohème. I used this one a lot during winter and the christmass holiday.
A few weeks ago I ordered 2 new straps, a golden one for my Boheme and a silver one for my minuit. It's really easy to change the straps. I now have like 4 different straps, which I like all a lot. They are all pretty basic but that's nice because it fits with so many outfits.
Maybe I'm going to order a new one pretty soon, it's not that expensive! Maybe I'm going for the jeans strap or light grey for my Boheme. Will see hihi!

Website: clusewatches

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