(Picture is borrowed from google)

Okay so this blogging thing during my last trip went great, not a single blogpost because I didn't bring a computer because that's just how smart I am haha. Anyhow here we are again, and this time it's New Zealand that's the major destination, but on the list we also have Australia for sure. My goal is also to go to Samoa as I'm on that side of the world and many more places - It all obviously depends on how things are working out getting a job and stuff.

So what am I up to now? Honestly I'm just living the absolute average life of a 20 year old. I work as a alarm operator, besides working and saving money I work out. I'm just counting down the days till I leave, and besides this time will be different since I'm traveling on my own. I must say as excited as I am I'm also extremely terrified.

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