Woohoo! Finally managed to take an Instagram photo and upload it after months of not posting. I usually don't make a big deal about Instagram on my personal page. Guess that's why I've been so absent. I have definitely been very harsh on myself with it comes to posting on my personal page. My page is nothing special, but Instagram has definitely made me nervous to post from fear of judgment or negativity. Gotta learn to just not worry about what others think.

Dress: H&M

Phone case: Ideal of Sweden, black marble

I've been a busy girl these past few months and there have been a lot of very exciting opportunities to come my way. I recently started a new job lifeguarding at Life Time Fitness, which I love. Everyone at work has been very kind and welcoming. Plus, I get a free membership to an amazing gym!

As most of you know, I follow a vegan diet and I am studying Nutrition and Dietetics in school. I want to become a clinical Registered Dietitian! <3 Trying to figure out which university I want to attend has been so stressful. I was so dead set on Northern Arizona University, but now Arizona State has been catching my eye. I definitely don't have to decide right away! The possibility of moving to Sweden next year for a semester crosses my mind all the time, so I might just move there and then figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life. haha.

I am also a proud new business owner of Emily McHerron Photography! Never would have thought that would happen. I find myself overwhelmed with joy (and often shocked) that people would take time out of their busy day and trust me to take their photograph. I will be taking photos of two weddings in May and June.

-Emily xx.