Reunited and it feels so good

New Year, New Me?? In a way, I would like to think so. Letting go and surrendering myself to past struggles and hardships has only been easier with 2017 behind me. I am welcoming a new light into my life with open arms. Also taking in every experience and meeting/encounter with someone as a gift because being surrounded by the people I love has definitely been the highlight of my 2017 and I would love to keep that alive for years to come. HAPPY 2018!!

The first week of 2018 was filled with creative experiences. Great way to start off the New Year! Last Wednesday, I got together with my friend and beautiful model, Jessica. It had been almost a year since we had a photoshoot and as always we had a lot of fun. A new creative outlook came about and Jessica more than welcomed the idea of filming a short video for Instagram. I was actually nervous yet eager to try a fashion video because I've never even touched the record button on my camera before, but it was super fun and it gave me a new way to try and express my art.

Emily xx.