About me

My name is Emilie Söderholm, I live in Helsingborg and I have driven emiliesbeauty.com since 2015. This blog is about my everyday life, about beauty/fashion and mental illness. Substances that are very warm to my heart.
At night, I work in a warehouse in Ängelholm and sometimes during the day I work on Make Up Store, which I love. My passion for makeup is crazy, I really strive to be a great make up artist, like the best.
My goal with the blog is to be big of course, and that my readers will be able to recognize themselves in my everyday life. It's very common for people to fake a perfect life today and especially bloggers, I want to show that it is okay to have bad days and not to feel good and to really talk about it. We can't forget to love each other!


Business inquiries: emilie.soderholm@hotmail.com

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