Well hello hello,

Long time no see... I was fearing that what happened very well could, but no need to dwell on that! Loads of things have happened during this time, and there are very big changes happening to my life at the moment, and more specifically in a month. So I am very excited, and as well a bit scared, but it will be something good, and you will get to follow it here!

London has been boiling this week, so myself as everyone else have been trying to enjoy the weather as much as possible = drinks outside in the sun more evenings than usual, why I decided that it was time for my first run today in more than a year! I sprained my ankle badly last summer, why there hasn't been much more action than yoga and walks for me, but it's obviously a priority thing with time as well, the most precious thing there is.

Anyways, I'm too warm now again so going to lay down and watch some videblogs before it's time to sleep.

Night night! xx

​The view from my lovely new room, which I moved into 3 weeks ago :)​

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I started this blog a while ago, but the first post seems to be the hardest, feels like I need to introduce myself in some way. Most of you however probably now that I used to blog, I did it for around 8 years, and I have missed it. So here I am again.

My name is, as you probably have figured out, Emilié, I live in London and moved here from Sweden about 3 years ago. During the days I'm a Paralegal working with financial crime, and during the evenings I enjoy yoga and walks, or drinks and dinners with friends, and of course my nights in with series. Especially the ones that you don't have to use your mind while watching, which also are the ones that people probably would avoid telling that they watch.

Anyways, this blog will consist of my days, thoughts and likes. I enjoy mindfulness, music, food, all kinds of beauty stuff and treatments, and healthy stuff in general.

Now I'm in the train towards Edinburg to visit some friends, the first time I'm going so I'm excited! So we'll speak.

xx Em

My travel reading and tired Friday look.