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Last Summer at BlueFish Cove

So a while ago I was invited by my friend Amanda Erixon and her production company Virago Ensemble to go see their reading of a play called "Last Summer at BlueFish Cove" by Jane Chambers and directed by Angelita Esperanza! And of course I was thrilled and super excited.

Okay first off can I just say how cool they all are? They have an all girls production company? Like YES GRL PWR. Also I loved seeing so many different nationalities come together in a play and show diversity. We need more of this in today. I also loved how the story was about a very important subject and how it portrayed how difficult it can be to be yourself and come out to friends and family. I was beyond moved by their work.

So the play is about a woman who leaves her husband to find herself and she happens to meet these seven other women who spend every summer together at BlueFish Cove. It is a powerful story about friendship, love, the fear about coming out and being gay and how it would affect your relationships and your life 30 years ago in America.

So this reading was just amazing and I was so caught up in the story and the relationships between all the character that time just flew by. They all did a fantastic job to bring their characters to life and make me feel for every single one of them. I wanted to know more about their complex characters and I was just amazed by how well they all worked together. The chemistry was there no doubt. So THANK YOU LADIES for letting me see this reading of yours. It was a pleasure.

Virago Ensamble presents

"Last Summer at BlueFish Cove"
Written by: Jane Chambers
Directed by: Angelita Esperanza


Lil - Deborah Amaa

Eva - Noy Marom

Kitty - Kanja Grobler

Annie - Eliya Rodeh

Rae - Gilda Mercado

Rita - Amanda Erixon

Donna - Irina Bravo

Sue - Jenna Kemmer

Reader - Joyce Lee