FIRST UP I NEED TO CLARIFY SOMETHING FROM MY LAST POST. IT IS NOT BOB MAAAARLEY THAT IS MY CELEB CRUSH BUT BOB MOOOOORLEY. It is TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE. *panics* Phew, feels good to have cleared that out since apparently there was some confusion. *takes a deep breath* Okay. I can move on now.

SO of course when I have a fully planned weekend ahead my body is like DON'T YOU DARE HAVE A GOOD TIME LET'S MAKE SURE YOU GET SICK. Ah, you gotta love that weak immune system sometimes. Anyways I managed to recover as fast I could (thank god for these american meds?? make em legal in Sweden again pls?? *doesn't even question why we made them illegal in the first place*) so I am ready for this weekend!!
*inserts a selfie as a distraction and starts talking about something else*

(teeth brighter than my future)

This weekend is fully booked and I have a shoot!! Tomorrow I have call time at 10 am in New Jersey so NO SLEEP TIL BROOKLYN. No but yeah I have to leave home kinda early but then I am super excited to meet the director and crew again! So I will be there shooting for the film all day tomorrow and then I am spending the night in Jersey City instead of going home directly. Sometimes you just need a break from your everyday life and your apartment, right? My bed might be hella comfy but I need something else for just one night so I can appreciate it again you know? And wow NO I am not promoting having an affair even though that is exactly what it sounds like. You can still appreciate what you got AND NOT GO FOR SOMETHING ELSE FOR ONE NIGHT OKAY OMG. Let's move on before I make this any worse, okay? *awkward smile*

OKAY MOVING ON! Then on Sunday I might go to Montclair for some serious reunion business (!!!!!!!) BUT MORE ABOUT THAT ON SUNDAY.


But yeah so like my weekend will be dedicated to New Jersey. Wow I can't believe I just said that. *cringes* Not that I know much about it or has been there that many times but it's... nice?? I think?? Kinda like the country side?? (that is totally stereotypical from my part though) Not that I know any places to go?? Or what to do?? But HEY I guess I will find out this weekend!!

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Other things, Boring days

Okay so I haven't done anything really fun this week besides doing laundry so instead of telling you about how it took me 30 minutes to put the sheets back on my bed I will leave you with a list I found. Sounds good? Okay, here we go.

Who’s your celebrity crush?

Ooooh, okay let's see. I'll do one girl and one guy. So for girls it's Scarlett Johansson. Like damn, she is so beautiful I can't even. And for guys it's hmm... OH OKAY. I have one that is like a little different and I have been so judged for this?? Like why?? He is hot?? It is Bob Morley btw. Like in the first season on "The 100". *drools*

When you’re having a bad day, what do you do to make yourself feel better?

I eat? Or drink? Like do you mean there is an actual way to deal with my emotions in a healthy way? Phhff, yeah right I'll just eat my fries and down my drink thank you very much.

What are you good at?

Cooking way too much pasta, like to the point where it could feed an entire hockey team? Overthinking and stressing over the smallest things? Eating a pizza slice in less than a minute? Folding shirts a certain way so I can fit as many of them as possible in my dresser? Listening to a song I love on repeat until I hate it? Screaming so high I am hitting that high note that only dogs can hear when I see a cockroach?

What would your perfect date look like?

The person canceling so I don't have to put pants on? No okay sorry let me actually answer the question. UHM I guess something that wouldn't be awkward? Something casual, like just hanging out together kinda? Like just the thought of "having dinner" STRESSES ME OUT. Like you can't escape and you have to talk so much and actually look at the person for so long? *sweats nervously* So maybe like somewhere you can walk around? Like a museum, or like just walking around some place that is cool or pretty? Or something completely odd or different? Like OMG OKAY TAKE ME TO LASER TAG OR PAINTBALL AND DAMN "homeboy is gonna like... get it".

What is the best piece of advice you've received?

"Emilia, please don't go for the mean boys this year" - my mom.
Great advice. I love her. I am doing very well so far I must say. But it's only February so we will see about this. I have plenty of time to fuck up.

What's your favorite kind of sandwich?


I love them so much and I swear the guys at my deli have been selling me bagels at 4am in the morning so many times now that they are not even surprised anymore.

*sobs* This is just.... wow. Bread and melted cheese. Ain't nothing better.

What is the sound you love the most?

Is it just me or are these questions getting a little.... uhm... different? Ah well, ain't nothing wrong with different. OKAY. Sounds. I really like sound of like a river? Or water pouring? Like when I was a kid we used to go to this cabin in the summers in Norway to fish and then we slept right next to the water and it was the most calming thing ever. Sometimes when I can't sleep I put on like rain sounds and it helps SO MUCH.

What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?

To go after my dream and never giving up on it. I had a year after graduating high school where I was just a mess. I was so broken down and yeah let's not get way into that story. But I remember telling my mom back then that I didn't know when the last time I laughed was. Like wow I look back to that part of my life and I never wish anyone to feel like that ever, not even my worst enemy. But somehow I managed to pick up all the broken pieces and turn all that sadness and anger into my passion instead. Acting. So I applied to the school in New York and I though "I'm gonna show em". And so I did.

If you could ask your pet 4 questions, what would they be?


1. Do you actually not understand the word "NO" or do you just simply ignore me?

2. What do you and other dogs talk about?

3. Why do you always wanna sit on the bathroom floor while I shower or use the bathroom? Like? Why?


What’s your most embarrassing childhood memory?

Okay. So when I was in 4th grade we all had to take this vaccine at school. So we all had to go into this little room, get our shot and then go back. This was the first time I had ever really got a shot and I was SO NERVOUS. So I get the shot in my arm and I return to the classroom and I sit down and keep working on my assignment but all of a sudden I just feel a little dizzy and all of a sudden I can't see and then everything just goes black. Next thing I know I woke up on the floor surrounded by my classmates and my teacher staring down at me in a circle. And that was the first time I fainted ever. BUT HERE COMES THE EMBERRESING PART. I APPARENTLY FAINTED AND THEN FELL INTO THE LAP OF MY CLASSMATE WHO LET'S SAY WAS VERY SHOCKED. "What are you doing Emilia?" he asked when I was sound asleep in his lap just all casual. Poor guy. Everyone at school found out before I did. It was awful.

What is something you really regret?

Wow okay I just had so many flashbacks. Thanks a lot for that. *stares out of the window in regret while the rain is pouring down*
No okay, uhm let me pick one of all the awful choices I've done in my life. Wait, actually let's do it like this. One serious and one not so much. Just so it doesn't get way to real in here.

Serious one:
I regret not standing up for myself more in high school. Yeah. I wish I would have been more honest and just telling more people to just fuck off and stop treating me so badly. Basically.

Not so serious one:
Okay I have one. I have been regretting this my whole life. SO remember the last question when I told you guys about when I fainted? SO I regret back in 4th grade that I wasn't leaning on my left arm instead of my right one after I got my vaccine BECAUSE THEN I WOULD HAVE FAINTED IN MY CRUSH'S LAP INSTEAD OF MY OTHER CLASSMATE'S. Can you imagine, it would have been such a great conversation starter. *my heart still breaks over this moment*

What is some wisdom you would like to share today?

Well the guy at the checkout at Duane Reade said some very good stuff today and I thought I might share this with you all.

"He might be handsome but he will eventually die"

And I mean he ain't wrong. And I think this is words to live by from now on.



Acting, Boring days

Okay you guys. It happened. Again. It hasn't happened in a while for me and I was being way to dramatic about it BUT STILL. I was gonna walk out and check our mail AND THERE WAS A COCKROACH JUST LAYING OUTSIDE OUR DOOR CHILLING. No. Just no. I screamed and slammed our door shut and everyone wondered what was going on. Yeah I am so dramatic but like they are so gross. Thankfully we have a spray that says "KILLS ON CONTACT" on it so obviously I sprayed half the bottle on the poor fella until he was kinda swimming around in it and then he stopped moving so I guess it worked. Ruined my day to be honest. And all I can think about is how when spring is coming THEY WILL APPEAR ON THE STREETS AGAIN. Ew. No. Not ready for those flying motherf*ckers.

Jennifer Ammann

*inserts the tongue emoji*
and as always, click the pic to see Jenny's page *heart emoji*

Anyways, stepping away from my traumatic experience earlier I do have things to do today! First I have an audition (fingers crossed) and then after I am going to see a friends play! Very exciting and really looking forward to see the story! And then I also have to do laundry which is like very boring. And I am one of those people who wait until the very last minute to do laundry. Like I think I have about one sock (yes ONE not even a pair) and like my least favorite and ugly underwear left. So sad. But yeah, so laundry is unavoidable. And yeah. The more you know. Adulthood is amazing, right?

Jennifer Ammann

(I do look pregnant in this shot but I swear to god mom and dad that is not the case I am just turning around with my HANDS IN MY POCKETS OKAY)




This has been the longest week of my life. Wow. It just never ended. Until NOW. *angels singing in the background*

So this week (even though it was sooooo slow) me and Katie decided to spice up our week and the fact that we had a day off. Very good decision I must say. I got two tickets to see the new movie "Game Night" before it hits the cinemas later in February! And to make the most out of our free day we decided to grab food before the movie. We went to this place where you could get a drink in fish bowl. Like it was the size of an actual fish bowl and was supposed to serve 4 people but we thought why not you know? It even had candies in them that were infused with alcohol. *cries happy tears* Amazing, just amazing.

And the movie was good too! Uhm, I think there was just something about it that was a little... Like the story was a little bit messy in the middle where I got a little lost and I couldn't really put all the pieces together. But I won't bore you with an essay about the movie (FLASHBACK TO SCHOOL WHEN WE HAD TO WRITE SO MANY ESSAYS ABOUT MOVIES HELLO PERFORMANCE ANALYSIS). But yeah, maybe not something I would pay money for to see in a theatre? But like I enjoyed it a lot so go ahead and watch it!
But more importantly I had a really nice day with my favorite person ever.

Jennifer Ammann

(look, I have the most beautiful friend in the world)
(also can we please talk about how PALE I AM. wow can summer hurry up so I can at least go from my foundation color called "Snow" to my other foundation color called "Warm Snow" please)
(also my favorite Swiss person took this pic and please click on the picture to see her work she it the best)



Other things

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Hi again. It's me. I am still here. Bet you didn't think I would make it past 4 posts HUH? But here I am!!!

Anyways that is not why I am writing this I just got a little carried away. SO if you know me or have like met me a few times you know that I am obsessed with sneakers. Like I really am. I wear it to all my outfits. When I graduated last year guess what kind of shoes I wore? Yes, correct. Sneakers. If I had more money than I have at the moment I would buy a new pair every single week. Sadly that ain't really my situation. YET. I still have hope that I one day will own a walk-in closet FILLED with sneakers from all of my future sugar daddies. *clears throat* Did I say that out loud?

ANYWAYS. In like October I saw that my favorite kind of sneakers were on sale so obviously I just had to buy them. I had a pair of silver ones last year but I thought I could spice it up a little and go for pink this time. And so I did. Sadly the company didn't ship to the US so I had them sent to my mom back home in Sweden. So when I was home during Christmas I could finally see my new babies!!!!! And look at them!!!! They are so pretty!!!! I never want to take them off!!!! Ever!!!
I am so in love you have no idea. I will protect them with my life. No joke. At all. So please if you see me wearing these just keep some distance. For your own safety.

(if you wanna see where I bought them just click on the left picture)



Friends, Food

Okay so this morning when my alarm woke me up at 5.30 AM I legit wanted to cry because I only got like 4 hours of sleep. Also because my room was freezing and I would've rather died than to get up and face the fact that I am an adult that have to be responsible and stuff. But I managed to leave my very warm and comfortable bed *cries inside* and get ready for the day. Well, by getting ready I mean putting on pants and glasses so I could at least see myself looking miserable in the mirror in high quality.

ANYWAYS, when I was sitting on train 20 minutes later almost falling asleep I started to think about brunch. Because food is always on my mind and ALSO there is only tomorrow left before the weekend. WOOP WOOP. Which means brunch.

So I recently discovered mimosas (I know, I have been living under a rock) and like it is the best thing ever??? Especially at brunch??? Like wow??? Me and Katie (bestie/roomie/best person ever) went to this really cool place a while ago where you can get brunch and UNLIMITED mimosas. It was amazing. I think I might have had 4 or 5 mimosas. To be honest I lost count after a while because they just kept coming and refilling our glasses (which was great) and it was not like I was gonna stop them. Because, like my beloved Katie so beautifully put it, "You can't get drunk off Champagne". She was wrong though, very very wrong.
But if you haven't tried unlimited mimosas you really have to. Because it's great. Just don't plan to do anything other than brunch that day. But it's great. Just saying. And also did I mention that it's great?

(look how beautiful my friend and my food is)




Okay, since I am Swedish and all that I can't just buy my furniture or stuff for my home somewhere like Target or Amazon. Like, it just goes against everything that I know and believe in. No, I have to do it at IKEA. Yeah. Something like that. So yesterday, me and my friend Hannah decided to take the ferry to IKEA!! You know you've grown up when you realize that you are super excited to buy sheets and a new pillow.

Okay so for all you out there that has never been to IKEA let me tell you something. You always go to IKEA because you need like two or three small things for your home. Yeah, here is the thing. You never just buy those two or three things that you need. Never. You end up going home with ten scented candles, a new set of plates with matching forks, a new kitchen and a small island. And of course all these things miss parts so you won't be able to put it together. So obviously I got some stuff that I really didn't need.

My list with stuff that I was supposed to get:

* Sheets

* Pillow

* Chair

What I ended up buying:




(omg so far so good right... yeah just... wait....)

*Big straws in pretty colors (???????)

*Small cute pink towels (also ?????)

*A candle that smells like mojitos (okay this one was a good one)

*Marabou chocolate (this one was also a good one)

*A husky (BEST THING EVER i mean my shark needed a friend OKAY)

So yeah. These small cute stuff just gets to me. I need them. I LOVE THEM. Anyways I am super proud of my husky that has now moved in with me. I totally needed another stuffed animal. I have yet to name him though. And I also have to figure out how I will fit in my bed now with all my pillows and animals.

(look at my pretty friend and my pretty husky)



Other things

Okay so I thought to like a list could be a good thing to get to know me a little better SO here we go.

Three things that you might not know about me:

Oh getting personal already are we? Well okay. Uhm...


Okay so I have this weird thing where I want to be the last person who writes something in a conversation. Like, it just gives me this weird feeling if I open a message and not answer back even if I don't really have anything else to say. So if you ever "end" a conversation with me just be prepared that I will most likely answer with an emoji or something just so I am the last one who sent something haha.


I had a funeral for my favorite fish when he died. He was blue and his name was Tore. It was a sad day when I found him floating upside down in the fish tank. I held a little speech and then I buried him outside our apartment. And now you might think I was like 8 when this happened, but NOPE say hello to the very emotional 14 year old Emilia....


I used to have a VERY STRONG British accent when I was younger. It was because I lived in London for a few months when I was 17 and I just started speaking like everyone else. Also because I wanted a British accent SO BAD. I was supposed to live there for a year and study but my host family was AWFUL and made both me and my roomie cry several times because the mom was so mean and my school wouldn't let me switch to another family so I went home again. And now the accent is gone. Kinda miss it sometimes tbh.

Three things I love:


Sugar. I love it so much and I hate that I do. But you know, nothing beats a bag of candy. Nothing. You feel happy? Candy. You feel sad? Candy. You wanna celebrate? Candy. You wanna lay in bed all day? Candy. Angry? Candy. I mean I could go on forever but you get my passion for candy yeah?


These cinemas which chairs that you can turn into a "bed" by pressing a little button. O M G. It is like the greatest thing ever and I swear I have been to some movies JUST for those chairs. Bring me to see a movie with one of those chairs and I am yours forever I swear.


When people dare to be themselves no matter what. I just get so inspired when I meet those kinds of people and I am so lucky to have so many of them in my life. They've taught me so much and made me realize that it is okay not to be like everyone else and to be proud of who you are no matter who that might be. It may sounds so cliche but I just love those kind of people. We need more of them.

Three things you are afraid of:


Turbulence. Like maaaan, I swear I have been so close to crying so many times when the plane starts shaking and I am ready to scream "THIS IS IT PEEPS WE ARE ABOUT TO DIE IT WAS NICE KNOWING YOU ALL SEE YOU WHEN THE PLANE HIT THE GROUND AND WE ALL DIE". Yeah something like that. Yes I am one of those people. But I rather be one of those people than one of those that claps when the plane lands. Just... no.


Dying. Like, not because of dying itself or like what happens afterwards. No, more because I have so many things I have left to do in my life. Like so many goals. So many places to visit. So many people to meet. Like I am far from done and I am so looking forward to do stuff in the future that the thought of not being here to do them all just freaks me out.


Four Loco. I am just not gonna say much more than that. You all already know what I am talking about. Just FYI, last time I had it I used it as a chaser for my shots. Yeah, 10/10 would not recommend.

As a kid, what was you dream job?

Uhm, at one point I wanted to be a dolphin trainer. I think that was my biggest dream for like THE LONGEST TIME. I also wanted to become a cop for a long time. I think that was what I was going to be doing if I haven't gone for acting. Wow can you imagine me as a cop? Because I can't.

Tell us what your most recent text says:

"Breaking News: Your Seamless order is being prepared. Our crystal ball estimates your delivery time between 5.55 PM and 6.05 PM." I love these texts. I ordered a pizza slice btw. What a shocker.

How many times have you moved in your life?

Okay, here we go let me count I'll be right back. *elevator music plays*. Okay thank you for waiting. I counted and I think it is 9 times. So four of those are me moving back home in Sweden and five is me moving by myself. Wow. And in August I am moving again.

Do you have a nickname?

Yeah. But like it is just a few people who calls me that. So my best friend Amanda calls me "Millis". And then my family sometimes calls me "Milla" because my brother used to call me that when we were kids because he couldn't say Emilia.

When was the last time you laughed?

Literally like 30 minutes ago when my dad sent me a picture of a letter addressed to me saying that I need to start paying off my loan that I took to study here in New York. It had like a little calculation of how much I need to pay per year and it looks like I am going to be in debt until I am old and grey. Totally worth it though.

When was the last time you cried?

I think it was when I said goodbye to my family when I went back to New York after being home during christmas. Like wow, I cried so much. I miss them like crazy. When will teleportation be a thing?

Do you still have stuffed animals in your bed?

What do you mean STILL. Of course I do. I have my little snow leopard that I've had since I was a kid. He's been with me all over the world and yeah now he is just kinda like my little mascot. I also bought this HUGE shark at IKEA in september last year. Like he is amazing. He is like a huge pillow but a shark. Just amazing.

(fyi that is not the snow leopard on the left even though my dog sometimes looks like a stuffed animal BUT LOOK AT MY SHARK)

Okay. I think that is enough of sharing for today. Bye.



Well, okay. It's a new year and I thought why not try this whole blog thingy again. Yeah? Sounds like a good idea? Probably not but hey, here we go anyway.

So maybe I should like introduce myself for all of you out there who don't know me or something like that. Yeah. Let's do it.

So my name is Emilia Björnsdotter in case you missed my name that is printed on like 10 different places on this blog. I am from Sweden originally but then about two years ago I moved to the US (New York to be more specific) to attend New York Film Academy where I studied acting. And after living here for a little over a year I came to the conclusion that I am officially in love with this city and I never wanna leave and go back to Sweden ever again. Yeah something like that. So here I am. I live in an apartment on the Upper West Side and I'm currently working as an actress in the city!

So yeah. I guess you could expect posts about:

Brunch and mimosas
Bad jokes and puns
Pizza slices (I usually eat about 10 slices per week)
Rats and roaches
Trips to the Swedish candy store (they know me by now)
Me trying to figure out this whole gym thing (bc pizza and candy) 
Probably stories about me fucking up on a daily basis (it happens a lot okay)

AND of course some acting related stuff

And yup. I think that is about it. Here is a pic of my face. Welcome and all that stuff.