Happy new year! I've been incredibly busy all December and thus not had a chance to update. I'll be queueing up some entries from now on though!

Emy came to visit me from December 25th to January 12th! We rented an apartment in Ota-ku via Airbnb and spent 8 days in Tokyo. There's so much to do over there, it wasn't really enough time to be honest....

We needed to pick up something from a printer close by Tokyo tower, so hey, why not just go see the tower itself too.

After that we dropped by Akihabara. We dropped by the Square Enix café and managed to get a reservation on the day! Lucky. We had some free time before our time slot so we went to check out some stores.
I bought these adorable Kirby erasers at Super Potato! I love them. If you like video games I'd definitely recommend going there, it's a retro heaven on earth.

After that it was time to head back to the café. The store and café area is in the same room so we had to wear guest passes. We didn't get the one "free drink" as we didn't reserve in advance, but it's okay.

Moogle stew vs curry! The curry looks rather unpleasant but it was pretty good! I swear!

the 30th anniversary jelly dessert. It was so aesthetically pleasing I just had to order it.

Emy got this one!

I'm not actually sure what this was but the alcohol in it was sorta strong, haha. Imagine getting wasted at a square enix café.... (the square enix bar however, makes more sense)

After our time was up we headed over to the store section and I ended up buying way too much nier stuff.... The café in Tokyo will have a NieR replicant/gestalt collab starting the 27th of this month! I wanna go so badly but I don't have anyone to go with.... even though I'll be in Tokyo on February 2nd....

The next day, exactly a year since I went there with Maren, we had a reservation at the Eorzea café , which is also in Akihabara. Square enix and Final Fantasy basically owns us both.

I want the Garuda coaster so bad but she refuses to come home. Now, onto the food!

This is the most mysterious thing I have eaten in my entire life. It had seashells and.... whatever those potato looking things are. No, they're not potatoes. They were squishy and kinda gummy like. I have never been more confused in my life, but the soup was good.

Absolutely in love with these desserts. Especially the Titan crepe Emy got.

Just look at him, being all tiny and not land sliding you off the platform. I'd rather die than do Titan EX one more time. Gosh, I really miss playing Final fantasy 14, but I haven't had the money for it lately. Maybe I'll have some time and funds to spare once spring break begins. Fingers crossed!

The store finally had the Fat Cat plushies in stock, so we both got one each and some t-shirts. I got the Moogle x Kirimi collab shirt and I'm really excited for the weather to get warmer so I can start wearing it!

​We dropped by Artnia one day too, but we were too late and the bar was already closed. Oh well. Maybe next time! There's soon a 30th anniversary exhibit in Roppongi which I really want to go to. Why can't more things come to Kansai.... 

If you like final fantasy and happen to be in Tokyo, you should stop grab your friends and stop by these places too. ​​Apart from Artnia they're all really easy to find!

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Last sunday I went to DAOKO's concert in Osaka! It was the first of many lives in her "thank you blue" tour.
I ended up buying the ticket on a whim when I was in a real depression dump (tm), but decided to go anyway because I've been to way too few concerts here. It's weird, pretty much all the bands/artists I listen to are Japanese and even though I've had multiple chances to go I've just.... never done it. The majority will never come abroad (or to countries outside of east-asia, that is) either, so I should go see them while I still can.

The venue wasn't that big, so even though I stood at the very back I had a good view of the stage. Being tall helps a bit too, I guess. I won't post too much about the set-list as it's kinda considered "spoilers", and even though this blog is in English and not Japanese I'd like to be considerate for their in-community rules. I'll just say that pretty much all her "famous" songs were included, including a lovely solo cover of uchiage hanabi.

I was amused by how different her personality is from what I imagined. Her music videos etc always gave me the impression that she's kinda serious and mature, but she was fairly... what should I say, "airheaded"? (as in silly). Not in a bad way, but it made me think that "Ah, she's just like any normal 20 year old girl after all" haha. She's adorable, and bad at talking (her words, not mine) so she wrote a letter with all the things she wanted to say as to not forget. Which, in turn made her repeat a bunch of things she'd already announced earlier (cue a few "oh no I've already said that..."s).

No photos allowed inside the venue per usual rules, but the posters are nice too, I suppose.

The visuals for the performances were pretty good, kudos to the video and light techinicians. During "boku" I was like 'wow, I haven't seen this PV before?' and turns out it's new and exclusive to the limited edition release of the THANK YOU BLUE album. It's the one starting at 0:33 in the video above, by the way. The character design is by Malbeni, which is another reason why it's great! The song itself is a rearrange of the original "boku", and this one is a lot more chill in my humble opinion.

I hope you'll give DAOKO a try if you haven't heard of her before! She's mainly known for her whisper rapping, but has been doing more pop lately. I'll add one of the newer releases for reference.



I finally got to go see "Sensei! Suki ni natte mo ii desu ka?" (Teacher! Is it okay to fall in love with you?) the other day after having looked forward to it all year. It's based on the manga "sensei!" by Kazune Kawahara which ran from 1996 to 2003, so it took quite a while for it to get an adaptation!

As you can tell from the art below, it's quite dated. But, the mangaka later went on to make (sadly) more popular series such as "Koukou debut" and "ore monogatari!!". I honestly didn't know those two were made by her until recently because of how much her art style has changed...

Although I've looked forward to this for a while, I tried my best to not have any expectations as book/comic adaptations always fall flat. Surprisingly, I thought this one was kinda decent. Of course, nothing beats the source material, but it's not realistic to expect them to shove 20 volumes into a two hour feature. They've changed certain things, and of course made it more modern as a lot of things have changed since the 90s.

I was very anxious about who'd they'd cast as Itou-sensei, but I feel like Toma Ikuta did him justice. I was surprised to see Tomoya Nakamura as Sekiya-sensei though, haha.

I even found a trailer with English subtitles just for you. *bug chirping*
I'll give it a 6 out of 10. Honestly I've been absolutely thriving this cinematic year. I also went to see "Narratage" last month, which was a really, really good film with a similar theme but with a darker twist. Seeing my beloved Sakaguchi Kentarou play an abusive boyfriend kinda hurt though. I hope 2018 will bring some good titles of the same genre as well. At least "koi wa ame agari no you ni" will get an anime come January.

Anyway, please give it a chance if it's ever screening wherever you're at!



Hello again! I managed to find my camera and saw that I have all of these pictures from Nara, and I would never have been able to forgive myself if I didn't show you guys some of these babies.

So, me and Kento took the train down to Nara (奈良) at the end of August. Having lived in Kyoto for this long without ever visiting Nara was honestly kinda weird, so I was very excited to go. If you don't know why Nara is famous, it's not only because of its history and many temples, but





I love deer. You sometimes find a couple walking along the Kamogawa, but they're not as cuddly as these ones. But, to be fair, the only reason they hang out here with all the humans is because of the deer crackers (shika senbei).
You can buy them almost everywhere in the park and the surrounding deer filled areas. And let me tell you, the deer go crazy for those things! A deer ended up trying to eat my white dress because I smelled a bit like crackers and left a nasty deer spit stain I still have yet to get rid of.

Adorable, but evil. They kept chasing you if you didn't immediately surrender all crackers! Like furry horned yakuza! Really got the adrenaline pumping.

There are deer stuff everywhere, and I ended up getting this omikuji just because I wanted the little figurine.

Last stop was Toudaiji. It is literally the biggest thing I have seen in my entire life, I honestly thought it was 3dcg at first cus it literally didn't look real. It's HUGE!

A model of what the temple grounds used to look like. One of the pagodas does no longer exist, unfortunately.

They have this absolutely humongous Buddha statue inside. It's awe-striking, honestly. I'd definitely recommend going if you're ever in the area. It's a famous tourist attraction for a reason, really.

~~ Today's Japanese ~~

鹿 [しか] (shika): deer

煎餅 [せんべい] (senbei): rice cracker. Usually only written in kana.

仏様 [ほとけさま] (hotoke-sama): Buddha



Hey guys, it's been a while. I'm so far behind on updates it made me not want to update my blog at all, and thus things ended up as they did. I kept thinking I'd have to write a huge recap entry if I wanted to return, and the thought alone made me lose all motivation. So, I'll skip that and go straight to regular updates.

I don't have anything particulary interesting to share right now, as all I've been doing these past months is work work work while attending classes. My university entrance exams are coming up so I've been taking a break for over a week now and it feels incredibly weird. I must admit I've ended up overworking myself to the point where I spent most of October being sick and almost unable to get up in the morning, but this break has allowed me to recover and my school attendance has greatly improved. (aka I no longer oversleep and miss first period, oops)
I've got an offer for an interview for another part time job that will allow me to make more money for less hours though, and I'm considering taking them up on that.

Anyway, I went back home to Norway over the summer, so I guess I'll share some pictures I took of my "hometown" and the local area. Emy even came to visit for a week or so! It's a tiny town with about 9k residents in Vest-Agder. (South Norway)

We went to our cabin a couple of times and it's full of birds. These guys are all fearless bastards who are way too tame and keep coming up to you for snacks.

I love them though.

Until next time, enjoy the birds!



[Norwegian only, sorry guys]

Det skjedde et par ting som gjorde at det ble endring i planene mine når det kommer til studier og bosted. Jeg skulle egentlig skrive dette innlegget rundt april, men nå ble det slutten av juni.

Den opprinnelige planen min var som følger:
1 år språkskole → begynne på universitet
Men ble nå
2 år på språkskole → begynne på universitet

For å komme inn på fleste skoler her må man enten ha en EJU score på minst 230, eller JLPT N2~N1. Jeg gikk for JLPT ruten, og bestod N2 uten for store problemer. Men, jeg tok desember testen. Fristen på å sende søknader til universiteter går ut rundt starten ~ midten av februar, men desember JLPT testens resultat kom ikke før slutten av måneden. Jeg spurte universitetene om det kunne ettersendes, men det går ikke, så da fikk jeg ikke sendt inn noen søknader og heller ikke da tatt noen opptaksprøver. Jeg ble veldig stresset av dette, og måtte da innse at jeg måtte gå et år til på skolen her i Kyoto. Ikke at det nødvendigvis er noe galt med det, annet enn at det koster en del penger og at jeg nå får null støtte fra lånekassen.

Jeg fikk jobb som hjelper meg å dekke levekostnader, men for at summen skal være god nok må jeg jobbe rundt 20~26 timer i uken. Høres ikke for ille ut, tror jeg, men jeg har kun kveldsskift (bortsett fra lørdager hvor jeg tar 12 timers skift) og alt er fysisk arbeid så man blir fort sliten. Jeg har da også veldig lite tid til å fokusere på skolen, og ligger etter med lekser og alt, men kan ikke IKKE jobbe. Jeg har lagt opp skiftene mine til at jeg aldri jobber mer enn 3 dager i strekk, så jeg får noen pauser.
Jeg prøver i ny og ne å ta pauser til å jobbe med kunst, siden det er det jeg faktisk trenger for å komme inn på noen skoler, men det er tungt.

Valgene for skoler jeg vil gå på har også endret seg litt. Jeg er veldig usikker på om jeg vil til Tokyo eller fortsette å bo i Kyoto, fordi det er fordeler og ulemper ved begge.
Tokyo: +: har mange venner der, arrangementer er alltid nær, storby, kjente universiteter
-: veldig dyr leie, ikke sykkelvennlig, Kento er ikke der
Kyoto: +: forsåvidt billig leie, mye natur overalt, kan sykle over alt, Kento er her, jeg har jobb
-: veldig ensomt, nesten landsby, det er dyrt å måtte reise til Tokyo for arrangementer hele tiden

Jeg får se hva som skjer. Så langt skal jeg ta opptakseksamene til 1 Tokyo universitet og 2 i Kyoto. Men også 1 annet i Tokyo og enda et til i Kyoto som backup om alt annet går skeis.

Dette er nesten bare et innlegg hvor jeg tenker høyt og alle kan høre, men jeg er litt lei. Det er utrolig kjipt når ting ikke går som planlagt. Men, man har ikke noe annet valg enn å gå fremover, har man?



Jeg håper alle hadde en fin 17. mai! Nå kommer dette innlegget mer enn en mnd for seint, men håper dere kan unnskylde meg.

I fjor feiret jeg ikke 17. mai i det heletatt, så i år ville jeg i det minste gjøre noe. Så, da meldte jeg meg på 17. mai feiringen i Kobe! Det er og har lenge vært et lite norsk miljø i Kobe rundt den luteranske kirken, og for 10 +/- år siden var det til og med en norsk skole der. Dessverre er det ikke like stort lengre, men jeg var fortsatt glad for å endelig få møte 10+ nordmenn igjen!

I hope you all had a nice May 17th! This blog entry is more than a month late, but hopefully you'll forgive me.

I didn't celebrate May 17th at all last year, so this year I felt like I had to do something at least. and thus, I signed up for the May 17th celebration in Kobe! For those of you who aren't Norwegian nor know much about Norway, May 17th is our constitutional day and is very important to us. It's usually celebrated with parades (civillian, not military) and fancy breakfasts et cetera back home. You can read a better explanation here if interested.

Kobe has for a long time had a small Norwegian community based around the lutheran church, and there even used to be a Norwegian school close by. It's gone now, though, but I was still happy to be able to meet 10+ other Norwegians and actually speak my native language, despite how shaky it's gotten.

Jeg fikk endelig møtt ei jeg ble kjent med på twitter/tumblr i virkeligheten da! Hun studerer i Kobe, så hun er vel nordmannen jeg har nærmest her i landet. Bildene jeg tok er veldig stakkarslige, men... akk.

I finally got to meet someone I befriended on twitter/tumblr in real life for the first time that day! She's studying in Kobe, so she's probably the closest fellow Norwegian I have in this country.
The pictures I took makes it all look extremely pitiful, but oh well.

Pølser for første gang på 1år+!! Jeg er ikke spesielt glad i pølser en gang, men noen ganger så må man.

Noen hadde også med kaker, inkludert kransekake! Min favoritt.
Someone even brought cakes, including a "kransekake"! My favourite.

Det var en fin dag, og min første gang i Kobe. Jeg må få dratt dit igjen når jeg har fri en helg, fordi det var en sykt koselig by.
It was a good day, and my first time in Kobe. I need to go back a weekend I'm not working, because it was a really cozy and charming city,

Håper jeg kan få feiret 17. mai neste år også!



Mot slutten av Golden-week bestemte jeg meg for å dra på spontan dagstur til Tokyo. Comitia 120 (stort marked ala comiket men KUN for originale verk, ikke fan art eller noe sånt) var på lørdagen 6. mai, og jeg hadde bestemt meg for at jeg ikke skulle dra... men.... så var det så mange kunstnere jeg likte som dro at jeg bare måtte.

Så, da pakket jeg en sekk og tok nattbuss til Tokyo etter jeg var ferdig på jobb på fredag og kom fram tidlig lørdag morgen. Jeg kom på perfekt tidspunk til å dra fra Shinjuku til Tokyo Big Sight (comiket stedet) og komme på et bra sted i køen.

Towards the end of golden week I decided to spontaneously take a day trip to Tokyo. Comitia 120 (market ala comiket except original works ONLY, no fan art or or similar) was saturday the 6th of May, and I had decided not to go, but then... so many artists I love announced they'd be tabling so I just had to.

And thus, I packed a backpack and took the night bus after finishing my Friday shift and arrived in Tokyto Saturday morning. I arrived at the perfect time for taking the train from Shinjuku to Tokyo Big Sight and get a good spot in the queue.

Alltid en spesiell følelse å se det bygget foran deg. | there's always a special feeling when you see this building before you

The girl next to me in the queue suddenly spoke to me, and she was from Indonesia! We like so many of the same artists, so I'm very happy I unexpectedly managed to make a new friend.

Fangsten | My loot.
og sist, men ikke minst... | and last, but not least....

Jeg fikk møtt Yoko Taro, Yosuke Saito og Takahisa Taura i virkeligheten! Magen min slo kolbøtte nonstop da jeg sto i autografkøen og jeg trodde jeg skulle dø eller brase ut i gråt så snart det ble min tur, men det gikk....
Disse tre er lederene av teamet som lagde Nier: automata. Yoko Taro lagde også første Nier spillet, og Drakengard 1 & 3. Jeg er så stor fan av dem at jeg rammet inn arket og ser på det i ny og ne for inspirasjon...

Yoko kødder alltid med at Taura er den kjekkeste fyren (ikemen) i selskapet han kommer fra (Yoko & Saito er fra Square Enix, mens Taura er fra Platinum Games) og for å være ærlig.......... det er sant. Han er kjekkere IRL enn på bilder.

I got to meet Yoko Taro, Yosuke Saito and Takahisa Taura in real life! My stomach was doing somersaults nonstop while I was waiting in the line for their sign booth and I thought I was going to die or break out in tears as soon as it was my turn, but everything worked out in the end.
These three people are the leaders of the team who made the game Nier: automata. Yoko Taro also made the first Nier game and Drakengard 1 & 3. I'm a really huge fan and ended up framing the autograph and look at it every now and then for motivation.

Yoko always jokes about Taura being his company's resident handsome guy (ikemen) (He's from Platinum Games while Yoko and Saito are from Square Enix) and to be honest.... it's true. Photos don't do him justice, he looks a lot better in real life.

Please.... they're adorable. Yoko usually wears the Emil mask when doing public events and stuff, but that day was awfully hot so we all got to see his true identity.

My Nier collection had gradually been increasing even before this, but now it's perfect.


Etter jeg følte meg ferdig på comitia dro jeg og hun jeg møtte i køen og spiste før vi så gikk hver vår vei og jeg møtte Rubi i Ikebukuro! Første gangen vi møttes i virkeligheten etter å ha kjent hverandre online en stund. Så takknemlig for at hun hadde tid til å komme til Tokyo for å henge med meg til bussen min hjem gikk ♥

Det var en ganske slitsom helg ettersom jeg måtte ta to 7-8 timers bussreiser nesten rett etter hverandre, men jeg er så innmari glad for at jeg dro. Var en av de beste lørdagene jeg har hatt på lenge.

After I felt like I was done looking at comitia, I went to eat dinner with the girl I met in the queue earlier before eventually parting ways. I then went to Ikebukuro to hang out with Rubi! It was our first time meeting in real life after having known each other on twitter for a while. I'm so grateful she had time to hang out with me until my bus left ♥

It was a pretty darn tiring weekend with two 7-8 hour bus rides within a short period of time, but I'm extremely happy I went. It was one of the best saturdays I've had in ages. No regrets what so ever!

I hope you guys had a nice May, too!



I starten av mai dro trinnet mitt (上級1) til Mt. Hiei! I fjor dro vi (中級2) til Uji , om noen husker. Denne gangen trengte vi ikke å skrive noen oppgave om det, så det ble en fin stressfri tur.

Mt. Hiei er et stort fjell som deler Kyoto og Shiga, og er kjent for å ha flere historiske templer, spesielt Enryakuji. Så, vi ble delt opp i lag og fikk et hefte med bilder av steder og gjenstander som finnes på fjellet, og så skulle vi dra rundt og finne og ta bilder av alle stedene selv. Gruppen min fikk tatt bilder av alt untatt én ting; krysantemum symbolet til keiseren.

In the beginning of May my level at school/上級1 went to Mt. Hiei for a day! I don't know if anyone remembers, but last year we/中級2 went to Uji. We didn't have to do an interview or write an assignment this time, so it was a nice stress free trip.

Mt. Hiei is a big mountain separating Kyoto and Shiga, and as famous for it's historic temples and shrines, especially Enryakuji. We were split into teams, handed some sheets of paper with photos of misc areas and objects to be found on the mountain, and sent to go find them and take pictures of them ourselves. My group got all but one; a photo of the emperor's chrysanthemum emblem.

Kyoto from above.

Ved et av templene ser du dette merket over alt på både bygg og suvenirer. Det er fordi en gang for lenge lenge siden ble en monk som trente der til en demon, og dette er da.... en litt søt illustrasjon de lagde av ham på den tiden.

By one of the temples you'll see this mark everywhere. It's because once upon a time one of the munks training there turned into a demon or something, and this is... a cute illustration they made of it back then.

I have no idea what's going on here but I love it.

You should definitely take the trip up there if you're interested in Japanese culture and world heritage sites! Accessible both by bus and train + ropeway.