Shanghai is known for being Asia's New York, but I didn't know what to expect or do, when I arrived in the city. Here are my top ten tips that you have to do, when you visit Shanghai.

  1. Bar Rouge - Shanghai's most exclusive club, located on The Bund with a roof top terrace and a view over Lujiazui skyline. Top ten club's in the world and is my favorite place to go out. Girls night on thursdays, which means free entrance and free drinks until 11:30pm. Address: Bund 18, 7 Floor, 18 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, near Nanjing Dong Road.

2. - Xintiandi - A neighborhood with malls and great little shops, Xintiandi Style is located here, but     most of the crowd comes here for the food. A hole block with Western and Asian food. Best of all, all of the restaurants have outdoor seating, which is quit hard to find in Shanghai. My favorite restaurants here is Aniseed(Vietnamese food) and Element Fresh(Healthy and delicious food). Address: Xintiandi Noth Block, Lane(nong) 181 Taicang Road, near Madang Road.

3. - West Nanjing Road - Walk this road all the way from People Square to Jing'An Temple, as you walk down malls and known stores will pop up. Everything from Zara, Massimo Dutti, to Plaza 66, Kerry Centre, Tom Ford, Tory Burch, you name it! The most famous street in Shanghai for its high fashion range. But just to walk on this street which is extremely long, is just amazing. Everything is so beautiful, the trees, stores, buildings, literally everything! Address: West Nanjing Road/ Nanjing Xi lu.

4. - el Coctel​ - Dark and intimate lounge bar, with amazing cocktails, here you will be served the best apple martini in Shanghai. The owner is an amazing bartender and he is also swedish! Perfect for some drinks with friends or on a date! Address: 47 Yongfu Road, near Fuxing Xi Road, 2 Floor.

5. -Mercato​ - Who doesn't love Italian food? Jean Georges has done it again with this amazing concept on there on the bund. Stone oven pizzas and fantastic homemade pasta, but something you have to try here is their flavored Prosecco! It's stunning! Address: Three on the bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, near Guangdong Road. 6 Floor.

6. - Huaihai Road ​- On this street you find amazing malls, such as Lane Crawford, IAPM, Hong Kong Plaza and other high fashion stores like Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Armani. Address: Huaihai Roa, Huaihai Zhong Road.

7 - Unico ​- Latina bar and restaurant, during dinner hours it servers spanish food. During evening and night times it turned into a bar and club and plays mostly spanish known music. Love this place! Address: Three on the Bund, 3 Zhongshan Dong Yi Road, near Guangdong Road. 3 Floor.

8 - VUE Bar​ - Perfect place to sip on some after work cocktails. Breath taking view over the Bund and Lujizui and PuDong. Two floors, and at the top floor with a terrace with a 300 view and a hot top, for those who feel like jumping in. Address: Hyatt on the Bund, 199 Huangpu Road, near Wuchang Road, 32-33 Floor.

9 - The Commune Social ​ - Contemporary tapas place, the tapas is the best one's I ever had in Shanghai. You can't reserve a table here so be in time! Best place is to sit at the kitchen bar and see the chefs prepare your food. Address: 511 Jiagning Road, near Kangding Road.

10 - Barbarossa ​- Bar and restaurant inside People's Park, Restaurant on entrance floor and bar/lounge upstairs. Also with a balcony over the pond outside, decorated with lights! Really good place for some drinks with your best friend or for a date. Here they have the best Cosmopolitan I ever had, so I highly recommend it! Address: Inside People's park, 231 Nanjing Xi Road, near Huangpi Nan Road.

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I'm in love!

First item from the left is a pair of black leather boots from Isabel Marant, a need for next season! - you can buy them on or 

Then, we have the all time IT shoe, The sneaker from Isabel Marant, comes in all kinds of colors and materials. I have a pair of these i suede and leather, and I love them! I got mine from, but are also available on 

Classic, clutch bag from Tory Burch, with amazing golden details and her signature symbol in the front, get it from, or

Heels from Zara, amazingly crafted leather heels, perfect for the spring and summer, the shoes are from the SS15 collection.

xoxo, Ems



YES - finally! I'm back in Gothenburg! Didn't realize how much I've missed this place, my family and friends, feels so good to be back! I landed in Gothenburg on Tuesday morning and yesterday I surprised almost everyone that I was back home. My mom almost had a heart attack when she came home and saw me! But now, the whether is terrible and I miss Shanghai and A, it's only been three days haha, I'm so pathetic!

Xoxo, Ems

Sarah & Joakim, God I've missed them!

So true!

My fantastic breakfast today!

Can't believe this has been on the wall since October when I told David to say hi to the guys from me! Lots of love!



Christmas Eve couldn't be better even if I wished for it! I made a Swedish Christmas dinner for Alima and Tota, we had dinner, played present games, Christmas music, wine and a lot of laughs! Amazing evening and we actually ended up going out to Mint! It was super fun and I was so happy to celebrate this evening with these girls! 

The days between Christmas and New Years I've been studying, having classes  and just enjoy everything this holiday has to offer! 

New Year's Eve!
What a night, it was amazing! Me and all of my Swedish friends had a table at Bar Rouge! It was a great evening and I'm so blessed to have these people in my life! The morning after when we read the news online it said: 36 people killed and 49 people seriously injured by the stampede on the Bund 23:30 New Year's Eve! My heat kind of stopped, I knew that everyone that was with me were okey, but since Ida and Charlie were celebrating somewhere else with friends from Sweden we all got super worried! But luckily Julia got on hold with Ida's friend so we knew that they were also okey! After a few phone calls I found out that nobody I knew or friends of my friends were injured or killed. Right now all of my thought goes to the families who were affected by this! Imagine that you are sipping champagne 60 meters away from this scene and 30 minutes later celebrating the New Year! To the lost ones that never got to 2015, all of my thoughts to you and your families! May you rest in peace! 

This makes me think of never taking anything for granted! Life, friends, family and everything that makes you smile! Appreciate what you have, always! 

Xoxo, Emelie

Me on Christmas Eve

Alima, Tota and me

Love this girl!

Our bottle were almost bigger than me!

My princess Josephine and me!

Oscar and me!

Julia and Ida looking amazing! 

Our table!

Oscar, Dennis & me!

Happy New Year!


Ran over to Summer and Riho's table quick! Amazing girls!