Goodmorning guys!

I'm currently sitting eating my oats in our kitchen. By the way how good is pb with banana haha, just noticed. Anyhow, we are BAKED today, like no joke totally baked HAHA... We went out last night which was sooo much fun. Me, Emmy, Adrian, Lone, Nike and Julia (everyone Swedish) went for a dinner somewhere in West Village at first and then straight to the club Up & Down and finished with 1 Oak. We were home by 5.30 am.. 4 hours of sleep and now I'm sitting here. Happy it's a big holiday tomorrow for everyone so no one is working lol.

We went crazy with dancing and singing and I can't say it enough times but I'm so happy I'm here, hanging out with my friends. I'm currently having the time of my life!

And oh we bumped in to a dog yesterday. I was bubbling of happiness. I mean these pictures shows my pure happiness all the way through.