Wednesday 28/8

What a day I have had today. Up and down and all around. It has been a good day even though it has involved a lot of thinking. I woke up when Lexa began talking and moving around in her bed, at the same time as she has for the past weeks. 7.30. We got up, made breakfast and got ready for kindergarten and work. Work hasn't been the same favorite place it was when I began a few months ago. The past few days it has actually been a low energy place that has given me a lot of negativity. I think that is the biggest reason for the lack of my motivation to post anything. For some reason the schedule for all of us employees has been turned up side down and unfortunately I will go form 77% to around 62%. This information (that I found out yesterday) has given me so much stress and irritation. Mostly because my boss told me to hold on a little longer before I begin searching for a new job. With the fact that she knows how hard it is to get a new job and that I have a boyfriend and daughter to take care of, it made me pretty mad that she only could give me 62%, 15% less then the summer. Even though my schedule is one of the better ones, the lack of hours (read money) has been a stressful moment. The Insurance company has not handed out money to Daniel for at least three months so we have lived on my wage. We have live "good" on my money but we want to be able to start paying off our loans and also save some money for Lexa an ourselves but that is almost impossible at the moment. And if I will loose so much money every month we really have to look at a strict and cheep economy plan. Hopefully he will get his money soon (hopefully for the months he hasn’t gotten it for also) and that will help so much. If that is the case my schedule is fine.

I did apply for a new job yesterday as a field recruit for Amnesty Sweden and they called up today at lunch. I must say I jumped up and down with joy. It would be a really great job with good working hours and a good salary but I don’t know if I’m so happy anymore. It is a long way to commute every day and that can be a problem during winter times. would be better yes but I would also to spend more money on bus tickets. One little thought that came to my mind the first second I saw my schedule, but did not give another thought at before now, was that I can use my days off for blogging working days. I once read something with a similar meaning to ”Your dreams will never come true before you schedule them in”, so that is what I am doing. At once I feel calm again. It is SO important to listen to your intuition an go for what your gut feeling tells you!



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