Travel Goals for 2020!

Okay, I know that 2019 is not nearly over yet but there are not so many months left, so I figured that planning for the goals and dreams for next year isn't so bad after all. I look forward to the year 2020. It shines at me like a big sun, okay now that might be a weird thing to say, but I am a little bit weird so…

Anyways, it feels like a lot of good things are coming my way next year. Situations that have felt like prisons cells might be broken and that means that I can grow and become the free soul that I aspire to be. Today’s post is not about that though, this post is about my travel goals for 2020! Have you guys realized we're in the ’20s, like 1920 but 2020? Wow, it feels so weird haha!

This year the hiking vein in me has burst into flames. After a few camping nights, the jealousy of Daniel's trip to the North and that amazing canoe of ours that we went and got from Daniel's grandparents had made me longing for hiking vacations! Sleeping under the stars, hiking up a few mountains, finding those really amazing and wonderful places, I mean - doesn’t that sound lovely?

Family Trip To The Mountains

Next year we are planning on going on a family vacation, something that they try to have once every year or once every two years. It will be the first one for me and I am so excited and really hope that we will get off on the journey. We have talked about going away to Idré or Åre, destinations that more often is associated with winter vacations, skiing and a lot of snow. Something that many often forget though, is that skiing destinations many times is beautiful as heck in the summer. You know the view from the top of that snowy mountain before you go down? Well, imagine it in the summer after literally climbing that hillside. It is so beautiful and many times breathtaking. I remember when I went to Åre a few summers ago like it was yesterday. The air is so much cleaner and more close to the earth, and everything is quiet. It’s you, nature and it’s amazing views and you can live on that for so long. That my friends, is cleansing the heck out of your mind, soul and body.

The Beauty Of Trollsjön

The next vacation spot that I would like to go to is Trollsjön (Troll Lake in direct translation), which is a mesmerizing lake a few kilometres from the road across the mountains high up in the northern parts of Sweden. Since I first heard about this lake I have been wanting to go there. You can imagine the beauty of it just by itself, a lake in between mountains, sounds good doesn’t it? The most amazing thing about this lake, and what it is famous for, is its clarity. It has a visibility depth of 36 meters (around 118 feet)! That is a lot! Imagine snorkelling and seeing so much of the life under the surface, of just sitting in the canoe staring down. I need to go there! This trip is something that would be wonderful if I and Daniel could go away on ourselves. Not that I don’t want to bring Lexa with us, but because I think that it is important for parents and partners to do things alone sometimes. A couple of days away, sleeping in the car, enjoying nature, a short dream vacation.

Enjoy The Views Of Norway

I would like to squeeze in one or a few trips to Norway as well. What a beautiful country, right? I don’t really know exactly where I would like to go, but just cruising along the roads enjoying everything that we see is good enough. This is the reason that I want a van so freeking bad! So that we can be able to stop wherever we are and still have everything we need. When Lexa is big enough to fall asleep on her own, sleeping in the car next to each other won’t be a problem.

Sightseeing In Denmark

A few days in Denmark would not be so wrong either. Taking the train down, staying at a hotel and go do some sightseeing in our neighborhood country. An easy summer vacay that so easily could be filled with memories!

All Inclusive Spian Vacation

I would be so grateful if I had the chance to go away on an all inclusive, child free, sunny vacation to Spain next year. Imagine just laying in the sun, sipping on a colorful drink, reading a book, taking a dip in the pool whenever I feel like it, eat yummy meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Do I need to say anything more than that? It would be kinda good if my other half would like to join me but a vacay on my own doesn’t sound so bad either.

England, The Home of Harry Potter

I wanted to go to England this year, but it does not look like our economy will allow that, so I’ll save it for next year. The plan is to have an autumn, book loving, sightseeing, Harry Potter-ish vacation. As a, yes new, Harry Potter fan, this seems like the ultimate autumn vacation. What can give me a more magical autumn spirit better than England in when the leaves are falling? I don’t think there is a better way.

Christmas Market In Tallin

Something I wanted to do already last year was to go on a Christmas cruise over to the market in Tallin. A short little something over the weekend to give an extra spark to the Christmas spirit. Eating holiday foods and walking around on a big cosy market. My brother has been there before I think two times and it is actually from him I got the idea.

I think that summs it up very well. It would be a fantastic year if I managed to go to all these places, but for now they stay dreams and goals for me!

Where would you like to travel next year?



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