Things I would tell my younger self (BackToSchool edition)

Hello everyone and welcome to another beautiful day! As it is Back To School season I thought I would write a post about things I would tell my younger self if I could travel back in time. When I went to school I was bullied and had a very bad at-home situation, I also have dyslexia (which no one seemed to care about) so everyday life was not always the best it could be. Regardless of that, I remember looking up to the ones in my class who were smart and well-spoken, who studied a lot and went to the library together. As I were in the middle of almost everything and just wanted to feel seen, the only thing that was my main focus was to get popular and to be able the be friends with the people who bullied me instead of being bullied. Afterwards, I can tell you that trying to be friends with someone who on purpose hurts you is a very bad idea. You should not sink to the level of befriending someone who acts so low.

The main thing I would tell my younger self is not to care about them at all. I would say that I am better than them even if it might seem like I am under them right now. Their way of acting is not okay and will never be okay. I should lock my ears whenever they attack or are near me and act like they don't exist. I would encourage me to focus only on myself, my goals and my teacher. Not to be best friends with her but to have a connection to someone who will keep encouraging me to do better and to be better. I would tell myself to go sit in the library and study or read books after school instead of being at home because at home will never be a safe space. If I could, I would go back and say all of the things that I remember that I needed to hear. I would be the support, the power and the motivation that I needed to become strong and filled with knowledge. Knowledge is power.

Now I am asking you the same question I asked myself. What would you say to your younger self if you could go back in time?

A little something for you who are bullied

I know that it is hard. I know the tears that are rising when you wake up and you need to go to school. I know the lump, heavy as stone, that drops deeper and deeper in your belly the closer you get. I know the feeling of wanting to hide, disappear and never be seen. I know how scared you are opening the door not knowing if it will be a good day or a bad day. I know being scared to do wrong, answer wrong or to ask a question that they might see as dumb. I know how no adult every actually understands the affect bullying has on your mental health. I know that everyone just thinks it is to ask someone to apologize and it is all good. I know. But I am also here to tell you that life goes on. Every day, every minute life is moving forward and it is what you do today that will affect how your life is tomorrow, in a week or in a year. Focus on You. Create goals. Who do you want to be? Because the only thing that can keep you going and to actually not give a shit about those pathetic bullies is your dreams coming true! So you take all the power, love and support that you can get from me and you fucking go! Go and get it! Create the life that you want. I know that school seems to be everything, but it is not. Study hard, Study good, Learn from everything you can and you will go as far as you can get! You will be everything you want to be. And if no one ever tells you: I Believe in you. I am Proud of you. I Trust that you can go so far in life. And I Know that you will reach every goal that you set for yourself.



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