The Good Witch

Hello, I have this urge to tell all of you about my new favourite tv-series so here I am! I am on the last episodes of the second season of a series called Good Witch! and I absolutely love it. It is a very calm show that usually isn't my type of thing, but it is something about it that makes me feel happy and giving every time. I think you should give it a try. Of course, I love all the intuition that is shown, a constant reminder to myself that I should use more of my own. The other thing that I like very much about it is how every conflict is portrayed. There are no screams and slamming of doors, they talk things out open-heartedly and honest. Showing emotions is human and extremely important, but the way you choose to handle those feelings and emotions is more important. Either way, check it out! You can watch it on Netflix



Oh cool, I haven't heard about this one before! I'm gonna give it a try sometime in the near future 😊
Oh do it! I think it is the perfect cozy series to have on in the background! 😊
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