Sunday 20/10

Today was a very good day at work, every customer was nice and filled with joy. I absolutely love my job most days, I love talking, laughing and joking around with the people who come in to shop. Normally I am a very shy and introvert person, but when I work I somehow open up and talks easily to almost everyone - except for when I need to give someone "bad news" or say something they don't want to hear, in those cases I run and hide under a rock.

After work, I went to Daniels parents to hang out, eat dinner and us their shower! Which was so amazing, our water still smells like poop =(. His dad talked about getting us coal filter so that we can use the water that's left (we don't know how much) without is smelling like a dead rat or general toilet every time we clean the dishes or wash our hands, or want to drink a glass of water for that matter.

Lexa is now asleep and I think it might be a good night for her. She hasn't coughed anything in the past hour and it often starts as soon as we lay her down to sleep. Fingers crossed that all of us can get a good nights sleep! I will go to bed soon, I love laying in bed scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest! What do you always check before going to sleep?



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