Sick days

Good morning!

I am so sorry for the lack of published posts on here lately. It honestly breaks my heart when I can't manage to post twice a day as I want to. I need to figure out some sort of plan so that I can give you guys the best posts that I can. At the moment I am laying in the sofa stuffed to my brains. Lexa has finally decided to sleep so I now get a chance to relax for a while. It's not easy staying home with a sick kid when you are sick yourself. Especially not when her throat hurts so much that she does not want to eat or drink anything. I think we need to go to the store and see what we might be able to get her to eat. Without food, she won't be healthy soon. I need to focus on getting some nutritions in me as well, but I need to agree with Lexa on that nothing seems appetizing.

I will spend my time scrolling through Pinterest so if you don't follow me there yet, go do it now!
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