September 16th

Good evening to you all! What a boring day it was at work today. Super slow and tedious. At least I got to spend it with my favourite college, what would I have done without her?

According to SMHI, the weather website (I cannot find the right word for it), it will be between 5 and 3 degrees celsius tonight and I wonder if the cucumber and squash will cope with the cold. I guess they will but at the same time I don't want to risk it, that feels unnecessary. Should I run out in the pitch-black rainy night, harvest it all and bring it inside, or should I calm down and let it sit? The constant misery. I came across Sara Bäckmo's recipe for squash bread which I am very keen to try. I harvested three pretty big squash last week and they have been laying on the counter waiting for me since then. Our freezer does not offer too much storage space so I have to think of something else to do with them. Otherwise parboiling and freezing them had been a good option. That is an easy way to save it and use later in stews and as 'fill-ups' for other recipes during the winter. The tomatoes that I also harvested last week will probably get dried and put in a jar with oil with garlic. It's so damn yummy! Tomorrow will probably just be a day off. The whole family will be home for three days so hopefully, we will be out in the woods a couple of times!

My cell phone is currently charging but as soon as it is charged, it will be to lie down in bed and listen to an audiobook! It must be the best way for me to end the day!

But before we finish, I want to show some pictures of my corn plants. I think they look pretty nice if I can say so myself! I think they need to be harvested soon though!



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