Saturday 12/10

Good morning everyone!

Yesterday we asked if Daniels parents wanted to take Lexa for the night - of course they wanted to! So I and Daniel went and bought snacks and was going to have a super cosy night. Until I got super tired around 8, went to bed and fell asleep in 5sec haha! What a romantic evening right? Woke up around 6 or 7 and have spent my morning eating candy and watching youtube. Do you remember when you were younger and could eat candy for breakfast and not care about it? I can't do that any more. I feel heavy and just . I am so glad I have juice, oranges and apples so that I can eat a small fruit salad.

I tried doing some yoga and a few exercises for the butt yesterday but very quickly realized that I wasn't healthy enough for that. I am getting my energy back and my mind feels clear but my body is still sick. I want to do all these things like, cleaning, going for a walk, working out, prepping healthy meals but that's not going to happen for another couple of days. 1,5 week of being sick, I don't think that has happened in over 1.5 years. I am not a person that gets sick often so it's very soul-draining when it hits me.

I am spending some time going through my Instagram following as I feel like the feed I am looking at right now isn't giving me anything, I see so much stuff I don't care about so I think that will be my little project for a few hours.

For the day I don't know if we have any special plans, we talked about finally getting help with the cars, but I don't know if that was planned for today or tomorrow. We brought home all Lexas outdoor clothes from kindergarten yesterday because they are having a cleaning day today so maybe (hopefully) we will go and play outside for a couple of hours. She LOVES being outside so that can be really fun! I can bring out my camera and work on taking photos of her!

I saw that we have a wild strawberry blooming right now!



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