Preserving herbs

Hello Beautiful!

A few days ago I collected the first herb harvest of the season. It will be a lot of herbs this year and I am so happy about that. This time I cut down parsley, sage and orange thyme.


Parsley is a two-year plant, from what I have heard, and is perfect for freezing in.

I began by cutting off the taller crowns letting the smaller ones get a chance to grow.

I then separated the parsley crowns from its stems, washed them lightly in water to get rid of any residual soil, put them in a box and found a place for it in our freezer. Then when the winter comes, it is just to take out the box and use "semi-fresh" parsley when cooking.


Sage is a herb I use very rarely, mainly because I don't know how to use it and what to use it for. I have seen it in a lot of chicken recipes so I think I will try something out pretty soon. Anyhow, I took of the larger leaves from the plant, once again letting the smaller ones get a chance to grow, placed them one by one on a tray and let them oven dry for 4-6 hours in 50°C (122°F). I then broke off the stem part of the leaf and placed them in a glass jar.

Orange Thyme

When it comes to thyme I honestly just took out the kitchen and began chopping. The plant had grown so large it was about to take over. It almost grew over the rosemary and together with the parsley, they were on a mission to take over the herb garden. I had to stop that. I separated them slightly on the tray an put them in the oven just like I did with the sage. I then tried to separate the leaves from the stems and poured it into smaller glass jars. Something I have learned to next time is to take off the leaves before drying.



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