October is finally here!

Good morning witches! It's time to bring out our hats, take our cats and go into the night. October is finally here, meaning it's time for Samhain celebrations and Halloween! Pumpkins, candles, open fires, baked yummies, a visit to the graveyard and so much more. But most importantly, enjoying as much as we can of nature before the winter comes. Remember to take a few deep breaths as you go outside and fill your lungs with fresh October air. It's time to get spooky and I am definitely going on about this too much, if it even is possible to love October to much?

I don't have time to sit here anymore, it's time for the 12h inventory shift today! Send me some luck, Lexa had me woken up a few times tonight. Poor thing, suffering from a cold again! Tomorrow I will be home with her all day.


(I honestly thought I had poster this yesterday but for some reason it hadn't. Posting it today anyways)



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