No, I can't choose a favorite

When I was younger and about up to a year ago I always had a season or a part of the day that I liked better. I thought about that yesterday and I realized that I some time ago went from "I love this better" to "I can not choose a favorite". It is a wonderful thing, always waking up thinging it is a beautiful day. I have always loved Autumn the most. The colors, the chilling breeze, the coziness and preparedness for winter If I have to choose I will still say Autumn when someone asks. But winter, with its cold stay-in days, the hours spent in the snow, lit fireplaces and warm chili's. Spring with the sun climbing higher and higher on the sky, trees, and gardens going from looking all dead to blooming and creating a wonderful landscape. And last, but not least, Summer. A warming sun, days at the beach, long luke warm evenings and flowers standing splendid in the gardens. How can you not love all of them just as much? How can you now appreciate every season for what it got? And the same goes for different parts of the day. Sunrise or sunset, how can I choose when both of them is just as magical?



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