It's getting worse

Hello everyone!

I had hoped that my body would have begun healing and that I would feel a lot better by now, but I am actually feeling much worse. It's always like that with me, I don't often get sick but when I do I get really bad. I woke up so many times tonight almost wanting to cry because my throat hurt so bad. I think I might have "the luck" to end this sickness with a strep throat.

Daniel and Lexa are out shopping with his mother and I am staying at home taking it easy, it feels so good to be at home when it's all quiet. I have been wanting to be by myself and relax for a few days but it hasn't been an option as all three of us has been sick.

Lexa is feeling much better and she finally slept okay tonight! Poor thing hasn't been able to sleep for so many nights, or days to be honest. It seems like our little trick worked. We rinsed her nose with saline (she hated it more than anything but it sure worked great!) and after we had put her to sleep in the pram we put a pillow under the front wheels to lift her head and chest up. By doing so all of the snot and mucus can run down and not be stuck in her sinus, as well as you take away some of the pressure from the lungs making it a bit easier to breathe and hopefully prevent some coughing. I think she woke up twice and was easy to put back to sleep again. The other nights she has been waking up every 20-30 min and been a hell of a job (If you're allowed to say that as a mom) to put back to sleep. If your child sleeps in a bed, putting a few books under the legs at the head end will give the same effect, or lay them on a high pillow (but make sure the entire chest is on the pillow and not just the head, otherwise they surely will suffer from neck pain!)

As I don't really have much to or feel like doing a lot, scrolling through Pinterest has been the perfect entertainment. Filling my feed with my dreams, goals, wishes and life inspiration. Do you have a Pinterest account? Tell me the name and I would love to check it out!



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